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Michaele Salahi

Secretly Promised to Ditch Hubby

& Spend Life with Rock Star

9/15/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michaele Salahi
's torrid affair with Journey guitarist Neal Schon was so passionate -- the two secretly promised to spend the rest of their lives together ... despite their respective marriages.

Michaele confided in one friend back in 2009 -- when her relationship with Neal had suddenly turned sexual -- "I remember crying so hard once when I told Neal I couldn't see him -- heartbroken. He was always the love I never knew where it would go."

Michaele explained, "We promised one another that we would [...] grow old together into our 80s and always love and be there for one another."

Michaele and Neal even sent sexually explicit messages to each other around that time -- in one message, Schon signed off, "xxxoooxxxoo Kiss, lick, and a nice stiff one 4 ya lol Neal."

But long before it became sexual, their relationship had been filled with suspense -- according to sources extremely close to Michaele, the secret lovers struggled to restrain themselves from the very moment they met in 1995.

And Michaele was determined to keep it all a secret the entire time -- telling Schon two years ago, "I didn't put [our pictures] up on Facebook ever to cherish you and keep you my secret. I love who you are too much."

Neal replied he would never have married his ex-wife in 2001 if he had known the full extent of Michaele's feelings -- but clearly, none of that matters now.



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She is a sneaky,skanky,snake in the grass.

1096 days ago


somehow we'll manage to get over TAREQ and Michaele's break up- we all got over Brad and Jenn - we can make it-...

1096 days ago


hey tmz what's the deal with Neil- lets hear from him.

1096 days ago


gee.... who cares!

if that's all it takes to get rid of her, so be it.

damn attention deprived freaks!

1096 days ago


This is all BS!

Until this Schon guy confirms it - I don't believe it!

1096 days ago

Cellar Rat    

Who cares anymore?? This woman and her husband have proven themselves to be nothing but attention grubbing media whores with questionable finances and credibility. When will their 15 minutes be over?? Should've been 14 minute ago by my calculations.

Even if this isn't yet another staged "Balloon Boy" type stunt, who gives a crap if she leaves her loser of a husband for a washed up rock star? Seriously? It has to be a pretty slow news day for this to even hit the radar screen. Give us a break already. No one cares and we're just fanning the flames of their delusions of grandeur.

1096 days ago


Seriously, are you getting off writing about these idiots? Show some class and report on Lohan or Phoebe Price. No one wants to hear about this group!

1096 days ago


How f*cking pathetic.

1096 days ago


This whole thing sounds like bullsh*t to me. You're scraping the bottom of the barrel with these people.

1095 days ago

Cellar Rat    

It's hardly a coincidence that the winery is being foreclosed upon and auctioned off this weekend. Guess she finally figured out that her husband's finances were built on a house of cards. I guess he finally figured out that she's just a straight up whore, not just an attention whore. Who gives a rat's ass? They deserve each other. Stay together. Split up. No one gives a crap. You've worn out your welcome. Cried wolf one time too many. They'll drop off the radar like Jon and Kate because they're so much less than the sum of their pathetic parts. Not nearly as interesting apart as together. She's moved on to what appears to be the next best thing. He's a complete chump that has nothing left. It's positively poetic.

1095 days ago

How romantic. Sounds like a Lifetime movie for losers.

1095 days ago


All douches...

1095 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

Anyone else notice the Michaele has a huge Adam's apple!! I have a feeling that Michaele is a guy and his name is actually Michael!

1095 days ago

get a life ho    

The word whore comes to mind .,.,.......

Grow old together ? ha ! they are already there!

1095 days ago


Hopefully he will just hit it and quit it, and she will be left broke and homeless. Couldn't happen to a nicer gal.

1095 days ago
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