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Tareq Salahi

I'm Divorcing that Bitch!

9/16/2011 6:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi
has had his fill of humiliation ... we've learned he's filing for divorce.

TMZ may have jogged Tareq's memory a bit when he saw video of Michaele and her lover, Neal Schon kissing  -- a video HE SHOT over Labor Day.

We've learned Tareq is telling friends he can never trust Michaele again and will never take her back, even though he believes she'll eventually tire of Neal and try to come back to him.

We've learned Tareq has already changed the locks on the family homestead and the winery.

Looks like Tareq did stop believin'. 



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Please stop giving these two fame whores attention. He (tareq) is a chump and she (michaele) is a slut. And Journey is not Journey without Steve Perry so lets all move on, shall we???

1100 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Consider yourself lucky you don't have AIDS HIV or Clamydia or hundreds of other STD's sleeping with that claptrap that's been humping geriatric Shon, who's rod's been in more skankz than a freaking ghetto gynecologist on two fer Tuesday's at the free clinic!

1100 days ago


I thought the winery was her family's?

1100 days ago


I heard she can suck a golf ball thru 100' of garden hose!

1100 days ago


As a life long Journey fan and a Neal Schon fan I have lost all respect and will never purchase another ticket or item you produce. Is this woman really the best/worst you can do? She is a fame whore, gold digging liar. To take up with someone of this low morale stature is unreal. Even without her internal corruption she is a physically ugly woman. Hook nose, bad skin, horrible wrinkly mouth and forehead. Pathetic old bag of nothing. Neal, I hope someone is protecting your money because you are showing very poor judgement. How many wives have you cheated on now? Very classy.

1100 days ago


Tareq, Welcome back to the world of the sane!

1100 days ago


Who are these 2 people again?

1100 days ago


He's so broke, she might have to pay him!

1100 days ago


None of it matters, they both still are and also will be pariahs. No received in any proper home all over the world. I can't believe that I'm saying this, maybe she's not a gold digger, but she was just sick of him and his fame whore games. But, in reality she probably is a gold digger.

1100 days ago

julianne rose    

i think tareq should get rid of michaele she's an oppurtunist and so is he but she cheated and HE SHOULD NOT TAKE HER BACK. Journey will get tired of her and she'll be back for sure. LOUSY it happened but MOVE ON you'll find another BETTER woman for yourself everyone does. It hurts now but it will get better. You can't love someone that isn't loyal.It will never be the same. Keep busy but most important STAY AWAY FROM MICHAEL LOHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1100 days ago


I am still not convinced that the Salahis are for real. They are so hungry for fame that they would do anything like fake a divorce.

1100 days ago

how far can one bury their head in the sand and still live to do more stupid ****. this guy will take it to the max.

1100 days ago


Schon's been in her a@#$%, she's swallowed, probably a little DP, and more! Walk away Tareq!!!

1100 days ago


Interesting to note that Tareq was filmed by TMZ folks at the Liason Hotel.

1099 days ago


Okay .. Good for HIM! He should not have trouble keeping his money in the settlement, Id sell her jewelry and belongings.. ASAP, Possession is 9/5ths of the law...She Screwed Him.
However.... I'm sort of floored he said he was betrayed by the singer...and not his wife, DOH!

1099 days ago
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