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Tareq Salahi

I'm Divorcing that Bitch!

9/16/2011 6:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi
has had his fill of humiliation ... we've learned he's filing for divorce.

TMZ may have jogged Tareq's memory a bit when he saw video of Michaele and her lover, Neal Schon kissing  -- a video HE SHOT over Labor Day.

We've learned Tareq is telling friends he can never trust Michaele again and will never take her back, even though he believes she'll eventually tire of Neal and try to come back to him.

We've learned Tareq has already changed the locks on the family homestead and the winery.

Looks like Tareq did stop believin'. 



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I hate when I have to change the locks on the winery.

1099 days ago


Why are there so many stories about the same people. 4-5 today on the Salahis, about the same yesterday, plus another 3-4 about TI. It's the weekend, isn't anyone getting busted for DUI, car crash, fights, really great party?

1099 days ago

Mostafa smith    

I am so feel sad about what reason for the divorce between each other?

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1099 days ago

dave johnson    

Tareq: Go to mirror. Take a look. Go to computer. Take a read. The worthless shallow homely pathetic creature you are is getting what it deserves. Your meal ticket is rolling in bed with a man, not a manipulator.

1098 days ago


What do you expect from this habitual liar? She is looking for Mr. Goodbar. Journey lost all my faith when they hired the wannabe Steve Perry replacement from the Phillipines. Good Luck to you!

1098 days ago


What pisses me off is that I am a good looking woman who cannot find a good man like Tareq who I find attractive and no doubt faithful and this bitch has ruined his heart to not want to trust another woman. I'm not a groupie....I have met Ozzy Osbourne when I was 18 and did not go with his band when they asked me too and Ozzy wanted to sleep with me...he scared me. That was 31 years ago. I met Burton *******s a few years later and he wanted to sleep with me and I left his room cause he disgusted me. I've never been starstruck and wonder why the hell I can't find a decent man. Here I thought it was men who were dishonest but this woman takes the cake there along with the journey guitarist who I never even knew existed. I wish Tareq the best of luck with his life and if he ever wants to come to the west coast of Canada for a visit, I'd gladly be his tour guide.

1094 days ago


what pisses me off is this bitch has ruined it for women like me who find Tareq attractive. I am a good looking woman, better looking than her and am not a groupie, but a good soul who cannot find an honest, decent man like Tareq. Im not a groupie and have met Ozzy Osbourne when I was 18, 31 years ago and never went off with him when he wanted to sleep with me, nor did I sleep with Burton *******s when he wanted to sleep with me a few years later. I was not interested in them nor their fame and knew that I would be tossed aside like trash immediately. They were not worth my time. As an honest decent soul who cannot find an honest decent man here in the west coast of Canada it is woman like her I despise because they ruin it for women like me.
If Tareq ever wants to come to Canada to get away I would be more than happy to be his tour guide.

1094 days ago


TMZ should have a count down clock of celebrities marriage to divorce.

Members can submit the celebrities.

Mariah Dreary
Willy Smith
Jay Lena
Simon Cocsmell
Kim K, I knew she would of have a breakup, cause when she tasted black there was no going back. lol

1035 days ago
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