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Tareq Salahi

My Wife Is Killing Our Dog

9/17/2011 5:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Rio the Doberman Pinscher has become collateral damage in the bitter break-up between Michaele and Tareq Salahi.

TMZ has obtained video Tareq shot Tuesday morning -- hours before Michaele left the house for Tennessee to bang rock star Neal Schon.

In the first video, you see Rio -- who recently had a heart attack and only has a few weeks to live -- laying in bed with Michaele. As Tareq runs the camera, you hear Michaele proclaim her love for him.

The second video was shot Friday evening. Tareq says poor Rio is so depressed over Michaele's departure, he can't get out of bed.


So Michaele not only betrayed her husband, she screwed the pooch.


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tareq and his wife I guess will not be slogging anymore at what is with lohan?

1101 days ago


please - make them go away - far, far away - away from TMZland.

1101 days ago


This one will be cutting a country western song soon. My wife left and now the dogs sad.I see Lohans advice is going to pay off for him after all.

1101 days ago


You will make them all very unhappy and prone to bigger stunts if you just IGNORE THEM.

1101 days ago

she screwed the pooch too. i hope that doberman wore a condom.

1101 days ago


Wow enough already...does this guy have Harvey on speed dial or what?

1101 days ago


PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. These fools are too stupid to even read about anymore.

1101 days ago


New this fall on Bravo: A Man His Dog......... each week viewing folks can write in and tell you the time they should put down his dog... The reason this guy is narcissistic is that millions of you watch the fool... turn off the boob tube ratings drop and bingo hes gone, now if we could only get him to drop off the planet- both of them

1101 days ago


it's kind of slimy, what she did, the world is basically on your side tareq, with that said, stop it, stop it right now.
we understand that youre feeling hurt and betrayed, but if you don't stop releasing statements and videos of your dying dog to the media, the tides are going to turn. take a page from sandra bullocks book, shut your mouth, and handle this private matter, privately.

1101 days ago

And another thing!    

Seriously? STFU dude. Take care of your dog and stfu. There are bigger problems in this world than your dog and your wife running off with some has been guitarist. Have some dignity. TMZ, enough with this crap already. Slow news week or what?

1101 days ago


I am DONE with you TMZ!!! Like how would you know all this if they aren't feeding you with such CRAZiNESS!!! Not going to be looking at your sight anymore and i am sure i am not the only one!!!! You constanly report on a non celebrity...enough is enough!!!!! I"M SOOOO DONE with TMZ!!!! Time to catch another source of CELEBRITY NEWS!!!!

1101 days ago


Your kidding he is using a dog as leverage? LOL hilarious

1101 days ago


Get over it...She doesn't want you...

1101 days ago


Hoax central. Journey ticket sales skyrocket. Hoax over, they all come out and say how f'in gullable people are and how easy it is to manipulate the media. Why is he with Lohan? What's the new reality show going to be about?

1101 days ago

Bunky Wise    

They are posting this because they got a chance to use a funny line: "So Michaele not only betrayed her husband, she screwed the pooch". Too good to resist.

1101 days ago
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