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Charlie Sheen

Settlement with Warner Bros.

North of $100 Million

9/19/2011 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen will immediately get $25 million in his settlement with Warner Bros. in his "Two and a Half Men" dispute -- but over time he'll get 5 times that amount ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the settlement tell TMZ ... Charlie will get the $25 mil in about two weeks and, as we reported, the sum represents the monies owed him for the work he already performed on the series and the profits that have already accrued.

But Charlie has shot around 180 episodes for the show, and in the next 7 - 10 years, the settlement will produce $100 million for the actor in syndication profits. 

Not bad when you don't have to show up for work.


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Another Dbag who is handed everything while the rest of us with equally as much if not have more talent.... work our azzzzes to the bone. If my daddy was in the business I'd be a screaming success....

1091 days ago

fioo hoos    

Char lee WHO? the new guy is GREAT! now if they can get chaz to do a guest gig they will own monady comedys.Very nonD`escipt and funny off tilt

1091 days ago


the new season of 2 and half was SUCKS :(

1091 days ago

The King    

If it weren't for him the show wouldn't have been so successful and Ashton wouldn't have had a job so he should get paid for future episodes as well. In fact WB should just hand over everything to the MaSheen. Find out more about what the KING Says about this at:

1091 days ago


Might want to check that syndication part of the deal. I thought I read someone that in order for him to collect in syndication he has to be in good graces with Lorre or still a part of the program in some way. Syndication in this case might not be the same as in other cases. I hope I'm wrong.

1091 days ago


IF Charlie is dead and Rose is his wife, wouldn't Rose get his old house. Plus, she's rich anyway so bringing Ashton in, not so sure I understand that. Would like to see Charlie and Ashton and Jon and Angus all on the show. New Season just wasn't the 2 l/2 men we've come to love.

1091 days ago


With that kind of money, I suspect Charlie will be found dead by the end of the year...

1091 days ago


Bottom line: Thr Roast of CS was funny. 2 1/2 Men wasn't--excet when they were referencing Charlie at the funeral.

1091 days ago


YEAH FOR CHARLIE..get YOUR money...the show sucked last night...big was just plain out stupid....hope charlie gets a NEW SHOW...

1091 days ago


he is definitely winning!!!!

1091 days ago


Did TMZ change the picture they had up of Charlie and put up a worse picture? That's pretty lame if they did that!

1091 days ago


I watched the first episode of 21/2 men and didn't find it bad at all. I thought they did a good job with the first show. I also approached it with an open mind and looked at Ashton's character alone and didn't compare it to CS. While I don't care for Ashton I thought he did a pretty good job with his part.
As for Charlie, I can't look at him now without being disgusted. The way he handled himself throughout all this was appalling. He treated his fans and everyone else like crap. He doesn't deserve to have anyone support anything he does any more as he made it blatantly obvious during his drug induced rants that he cares about noone but himself! The man doesn't even care what he does to his children! Calling their mother a whore etc. showed me what CS true character is and it's not something I admire or want to give any attention to. I look at him now and he reminds me of the slobbering drunks you see in the bars.
While Ashton may not be living up to everyone's expectations yet I am more than willing to give him a chance, at least he's not offensive to his supporters.

1091 days ago

Erik M    


1091 days ago


Juat as the haters have been told all along, Charlie isn't broke and will be making millions off that show for years to come. Sucks to be you.

1091 days ago


So, let's see....if TMZ is right:

1.Charlie Sheen just spent a fortune on Marty Singer and the rest of his legal team in order to "win" what he was already contracted to receive in terms of residuals. Makes sense as he had placed this money in jeopardy himself when he was "fired for cause".

My guess is that WB always knew that he would likely win on this issue but was using it as a bargaining chip for negotiation.

2. Charlie did not receive any damages (that was the basis for the demand for $100 million in addition to the residuals) - and therefore WB/Lorre were not found to have misbehaved as Sheen claimed that they did.

3. Charlie's syndication money WAS withheld from him since he was "fired for cause".

1091 days ago
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