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Tareq to Michaele

You Screw Me, I Screw You

9/19/2011 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Banging a rock star can be a really expensive proposition ... so Michaele Salahi is about to find out.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the prenup between Michaele and Tareq.  Under the terms, if Michaele commits adultery, she automatically loses her right to any money or other property they accumulated during their 8-year marriage. 

Under the prenup, by moving out, she's also forfeited her right to spousal support. 

The good news for Michaele ... rock stars are generally loaded. The bad news ... they usually dump older women.


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That woman is about 20 years too late to be a groupie chasing after rock stars. She needs to sit her geriactric ass down somewhere and pray for daylight.

1108 days ago


Bet neither one of these guys has any money. Salahi's broke. Schon has three ex-wives, not counting the new bride who's about to be number four. He also has minor children. I bet a big chunk of those Journey residuals are going for support payments.

1108 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

They are such losers...why are these nobodies famous?

1108 days ago

Eldridge Cleaver    

497 of the last 200 stories have been about the flipping Salahi's. What the hell is going on at TMZ? Harvey, you're not slipping. You slipped.

1108 days ago


Yeah, they're nobodies and really, we don't care about any of them. But they're easy targets because they're all so craptastic, and sometimes it's fun to sit around and point a finger and laugh.

1108 days ago

samuel bronkowitz    

Check out the Facebook page: Tell the WH Party Crashers to Go Away:

1108 days ago


That's she can enjoy the ugly penises. ha ha

1108 days ago


"... rock stars are generally loaded." Loaded with what? Money? I can honestly say I've never heard of Journey before. If their concerts are sold out time after time, they could be making money. However, Schon is not the only member and I guess the other members want their share of the money not to mention the roadies. If Schon has minor children and his ex-wifes are entitled to spousal support, I'm afraid there won't be much money left.
On several pictures Schon wears pants that are worn by homeless people where I live.
As for Tareq: stop whining, roll up your sleeves, straighten your back, get your life (back) on track and move on. Close that chapter called "Michaele".

1108 days ago


lol, Win one for the husband.. Great news!!

1108 days ago


Don't even know or care who the hell these people are, but thats great news for the husband dude.

1108 days ago


Tareq is behaving like a major drama queen. How would TMZ acquire the pre-nup do***ents if Tareq didn't hand them over for all to see? On a boring Sunday night, I couldn't help but read through the comments, you'd think this cast of characters were your family members by the hostile comments. As for the band, Journey, once Steve Perry bowed out, the band ceased to exist. Whatever the cir****tances of Michaela and Neal connecting, Tareq's behavior over this last week speaks volumns as to his relationship w/ Michaela, no wonder she ran off w/out a word.

1108 days ago


"Geez... what are you, 12 years-old? Or did you live most of your life under a rock?"
No, I am not 12-years old. I am five times that age, but lost my interest in listening to music about halfway the 60's.
And I didn't live most of my life under a rock, but maybe, just maybe, not all American musicians, bands or whatever are famous in Europe.

1108 days ago


Tabloids should NOT be boring. You're BORING US !

1108 days ago


I think it's funny she won't get squat, not that he has anything to give her. Neal doesn't have squat with 4 ex wives and children and he'll dump her when the band gets tired of her being around and she starts making demands and flapping her jaws or bringing cameras around!

1108 days ago


Well, that's the way it should be. She didn't bring anything to the table when she married Tareq. Why should she get anything from the dissolution of marriage? And, how long does a mid-age crisis last?

1108 days ago
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