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Russell Armstrong's Lawyer

Taylor's Bruise Pics Are Phony!

9/20/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong has sunk to a new low, according to her late husband's lawyer -- who claims the black eye photos she recently sold for 6 figures to E.T. are nothing but a shameless hoax.

The lawyer, Ronald Richards, tells TMZ ... the injuries depicted in the pictures were not inflicted by Russell.

According to Ronald, the injuries in the photos are either from plastic surgery ... or a recent incident involving a football to the face -- but not from domestic violence.

Richards tells TMZ, "If Mr. Armstrong was the cause of those injuries he would have been arrested and prosecuted."  Richards also notes ... Taylor never filed a police report.

Sources close to Taylor insist the pics are legit -- claiming Taylor never reported any injuries because she was under enormous pressure to keep up appearances for the show.

As one source puts it -- the black eye pics are just the tip of the iceberg ... the rest make Rihanna's battered face "look like child's play."


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wow, no kidding. Wasn't just amazing how she claims was beaten so badly (always said it was bad plastic surgery)no cops, no Dr. report, no nothing. Just bad plastic surgery.

1128 days ago


TMZ = SPAM ADVERTISING NOW. The new Myspace folks!

1128 days ago


if I was the surgeon I would of chopped that whole ******* face off

1128 days ago


Wouldn her doctor be required to file a report?

1128 days ago


Her so called "injury" is actually the results of plastic surgery. No doubt about it. Taylor is a very manipulative and clever woman. She KNOWS Russell cannot expose her game plan-he's dead. Very nasty woman!

1128 days ago


This is quite suspect. I wa***** in the eye many years ago by a drunk and drug addicted **hole that I had dated and broke up with. I went to the hospital and did not tell the doctor what really happened. Within an hour the police showed up and got the truth out of me and forced both an arrest warrant and restraining order against him. They arrested him at a local bar later that night and he was jailed for 3 months. The doctors take over when the victim doesn't want to talk. I'm just saying.......

1128 days ago


Real wounds, fake, whatever. No need to inflict them on us.

1128 days ago


I never believed those pics.

1128 days ago


Sources close to Taylor insist the pics are legit -- claiming Taylor never reported any injuries because she was under enormous pressure to keep up appearances for the show......No way....every hospital in the USA is required by law to report such an injury with no explanation to the police. A doctor would have never just "blown" this injury off. They see enough of this on a daily basis to follow proper procedure to report the injury....with or without the victims consent.

1128 days ago


hard to believe if she was beaten that badly and that there's more photo's that a hospital wouldn't report it,unless it's different in hollywood. saw the first few episodes of housewives and she does look really bad and appears to be totally losing it. not sure if it's for money to sell the photo's and also heard taylor has signed a book deal about the abuse with more photo's.

1128 days ago


TMZ, have you asked her doctor why the police weren't contacted to report these alleged injuries? Although I would laugh if ET got snookered into paying a hundred grand for plastic surgery pictures.

1128 days ago


I find it hilarious that E.T paid 6 figures to this lying twit of a woman for plastic surgery pictures... serves them right for doing it to begin with. We all know Taylor is a lying crazy manipulative beeotch

1128 days ago

There's a problem here    

Faked? No zh1t sherlock. Everything about this despicable creature is fake. Suddenly since that man killed himself her stories get larger and larger and now she sobs ... wah wah ... Hopefully she too will have an epiphany and will kill herself. I heard all I needed to hear when she "found" her husband dead and her child was with her and she got all hysterical about HER needing a shrin*****il someone had to tell her to take care of her child. She'd be doing the poor kid a favor by taking herself out. It's not like these are real people anyhow, so she'd be making room for the next fvckup on TV.

1128 days ago


It is disgusting how she keeps publicizing these lies - she is so stupid that she does not even care or realize that these headlines will only hurt the Daughter someday - after all, it is her Father who is dead. Taylor is as phoney as those ugly flapping lips of hers. Please TMZ: Do not publish her lies.

1128 days ago


As if one couldn't tell those photos were fake! Ever been in emergency after having damage done to your face? They don't draw cute little x's on your face. I hope E goes after her for their 6 figures back! Then again they should just let her keep it for being so stupid! Taylor = the new Oksana?

1128 days ago
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