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"16 & Pregnant" Baby Daddy

Child Services Took My Kid

... And I Deserved It!

9/21/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A dad from "16 and Pregnant" tells TMZ, Child Protective Services in Arkansas took his two-year-old daughter away last night -- and he blames himself.

Josh Rendon -- who starred on season one -- tells us, he and his 20-year-old wife Ebony Jackson were arrested last night for child endangerment, and he's copping to his misdeeds ... saying, “It was fair for them to charge us with this. [Our house] wasn’t clean."

But that's an understatement -- a source close to the couple tells us, the house was covered in trash and infested with maggots.

According to the source, CPS received a complaint about the living conditions ... and took the child after inspecting the home.

CPS still has the kid -- but we're told Josh and Ebony are already working to get her back ... first step, cleaning up the atrocious mess.

Click here to read the arrest report -- FECES EVERYWHERE.


No Avatar


isnt she pregnant again? Smdh thats just nasty

1044 days ago


Isn't this the baby that was born with fecal matter in its lungs?


1044 days ago


Don't forget that this nasty nasty girl is PREGNANT AGAIN RIGHT NOW

1044 days ago


These are army kids, so no they did not grow up filthy. Wonder what's gonna happen to their careers now

1043 days ago

peter ingrassia    

now they need to sterilize these two bastards so they can never have children again because they didnt care enough to keep a clean healthy enviroment for their child these two people are low life peices of crap

1043 days ago

Courtney B.    

Sickening and disgusting. This here is proof why teenagers should be taught better about sex before marriage and why life is easy once you become a parent. Thanks MTV for ruining yet another family's life.

1043 days ago


stop giving these teen tramps publicity, we all know they are unfit parents, they keep getting introuble with the law and not taking care of their children, this why teens should not be having kids, they are not mature enough to raise children, someone do the world a favor a take these trashy teen mom/16 & pregnant shows off the air.

1043 days ago


It's Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries in another life / universe.

1043 days ago


First hand experience... Military wives will do ANYTHING to make a good name for themselves, including calling CPS on their neighbor when they know their own s#!t stinks. Who ever called CPS on this couple needs to take a look in the f^@kin mirror and realize that they need to straighten their own life out before they cause drama in someone else's. I've had too many experience with these b!*ches to know that most of them do it to cause trouble because they have nothing else better to do than to be nosey and stick their noses in other ppl's business. GROW THE F^@k UP, MILITARY WIVES! YOUR HUSBAND FIGHTS FOR THIS COUNTRY, AND WHILE HE'S OVER THERE, MOST OF YOU ARE MESSIN AROUND WITH THE DAMN GUY NEXT DOOR AND WANT THE ATTENTION OFF OF YOU WHICH IS WRONG. WHY DON'T YOU ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES AND BE HONEST WITH YOUR SPOUSE INSTEAD OF TRYING TO GET SOMEONE ELSE IN TROUBLE!!!!!!

1039 days ago

Ariel Rendon    

**** all of you that have something bad to say... Act like you've never done anything wrong or bad ha ha yea... right. Josh is my cousin and my family is pretty well off; no drug addicts sweetheart. As for the way Ebony grew up, she's also from a good family; just because she is HALF black doesn't mean ****. Racist,ignorant bastards good way to give in to the governments cultural brainwashing. As for the way they live, they are young; taking care of **** comes with growing up. They were right for taking Jocelyn and she will end up with family because we do have suitable families. People can assume and state their opinions but you what you don't know makes you sound like ******* ********.. ;}

1030 days ago

Sheena L    

People like this don't deserve to have kids.

1015 days ago


Yea, um, Ariel? If your family is so well off, get these two some counseling, like yesterday. Who the heck lives with maggots and feces everywhere? Not only is it a sign of mental illness, it is a sign of being a lazy, worthless piece of garbage. All the good people out there and these two "have a right" to have a baby? You have to have a license to get a dog, but any moron that can spread their legs or drop their pants can go out there and procreate? Thanks for making the taxpayers like me pay for their mistakes, really appreciate it.

1008 days ago


Holy Crap, that baby is DARK! That baby is more like 3/4 black instead of 1/4 black, Josh hunny, run out and get yourself a DNA test! Good job, Ebony, ruining your husband's military career, way to go! I mean, like is it so hard sitting on your arse all day that you can't clean up your house for like an hour a day?

1008 days ago


I'll bet the fathers of these two stellar wastes of flesh wish they'd worn condoms.

818 days ago
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