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Ray J vs. Fabolous

Vicious Club Fight Footage

& 50 Cent's the Ringleader

9/21/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has obtained footage of the Vegas nightclub brawl between Ray J and Fabolous -- and the wildest part ... sources tell us, 50 Cent stirred up the whole thing.

We're told Fiddy had been encouraging Ray to confront Fabolous about their recent Twitter feud -- and Ray finally decided to get in Fab's face at Moon nightclub inside The Palms casino.

In the clip, you can see 50 standing between Ray and Fabolous ... with a big ass grin.

But we're told Fiddy actually jumped in to break things up when Ray J and Fab started scrapping.

As we previously reported, Ray J was booted from the club after the fight -- but he was not arrested.


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the damn camera man was in the damn fight back the **** up

1130 days ago

Offshore Prezi    

Okay, Okay!! Lets clear this all up! 50 put the battery in Ray J back. It is obvious that he set this whole thing up.. Diddy might be involved in a way as well.. If u remember, 50 said he took fab on tour with him to Austrailia.. Ray J kept saying he with the money team (50 and floyd and there hired goons). On the road you get to figure dudes out for who they really are.. I'm sure 50 spotted Fab was just a lanky dude that can spit half descent from Brooklyn where I'm from and I can add many stories I heard about him in the victim stance as well.. Whatever!!Ray J was probably juiced up but with the instigation of 50 i'm almost sure he threw that punch cuz Fab story doesn't sound credible and Ray J sounds like he would do it again which makes me laugh.. "The Money Team is Here. 7 Rolls Royces Outside" I didnt **** with Ray J until this... If you listen to 50 interview with Flex, its clear that he started it.. he even made the show people turn off the light in that section where the commotion started.. He knew what he was doing.. Diddy amped Ray J up by telling him if a ***** spoke about me like that he would punch em in the face!! I believe that Ray J punched Fabolous in the face.. but considering that both of them are probably ***** minus their well payed entourage or bodyguards, 50 used this to his advantage and will probably hold the real footage until he gets a good offer. Please remember, no Ray J, NO kARDASHIAN!! He made that bitch.. but this has been a really interesting topic to analyze.. Fab need to hit the gym and take some testosterone bills if an rnb singer will pop off quicker than you "The Brooklyn Rapper"

1129 days ago


It looks like someone at the 20 sec mark pops into frame with a gun pulled. Seriously in a fight between ray j and fabolous over twitter?!?

1129 days ago


Awwwwwl lil ray j a "gangsta" now

1129 days ago


At the end of they day, they are all richer than the majority of you guys and are still living the life. :)

1129 days ago

John L.    

At the end of the day, I'm not a Ray J fan, but everyone's calling him a punk....Brandy's lil brother. Fab was talking smack on the net and Ray chin checked Fab, like, "yo, you better chill." Ray J did his questions about it----R&B singer or not he stepped up to Fab and punked him.

1129 days ago

polo richie     

that ***** fab soft how u let a 4 foot singer whoop yo ass stop the beef if both of yall cant fight hahahahahaha

1129 days ago


I just posted a link above of fab's face after the so called "fight" and you guys are still saying ray-j blasted him in the face, LOOK AT THE LINK!

1129 days ago


Ray J betta stop throwing them little fists before he throws them little elbows out....He's going to need them to flip burgers in Mayweathers kitchen...unless big sis (Bran!!) drops a couple of hits.(blank stare) I don't think Fab's comment about the concert in Mayweathers living room was so least he had an audience (wink) Besides..who the heck else wants to hear Ray J sing!

1129 days ago


So yea... that video sucked...

1129 days ago


no lies thats my cousin fabulous is fighting and uhh that is a problem smh they to old to be acting like that

1129 days ago


Ray J, go make some real music and stop acting like a child. We want music, not another black man in jail or dead. Get ova yourself.

1128 days ago

WhataDumb Bitch    

First off white people go to sleep its past your bedtime
Second of all yo Fab got slaughtered i saw it with ma own eyes.

1128 days ago


they need 2 stop Black on Black violence

1128 days ago

No Looks    

Raj J is a sucker and always will be a sucker

1128 days ago
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