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Diehard MJ Fan

This Is Why Murray's Guilty!

9/22/2011 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jackson fans are not conspiring to intimidate Dr. Conrad Murray -- at least according to the diehard MJ fan who was scolded in court for staring down the doc. Wait til you see her debate the case as if she were a prosecutor.

Plus, our ass-kicking guest Victor Ortiz says Floyd Mayweather doesn't deserve to be champion for sucker punching his way to victory ... and he's dying for a rematch.

And, Victor doesn't blink when we replay his knockout -- but he's TOTALLY taken off guard by his own nearly-naked underwear spread.


(3:10) Diehard MJ fan Erin Jacobs -- who was scolded for giving Dr. Murray death stares during the trial yesterday -- joins us via webcam to explain what REALLY went down in the courtroom.
(7:30) Erin tears Dr. Murray's defense apart!
(13:31) Erin wants everyone to know -- MJ fans aren't lunatics.
(16:10) Ryan thinks Larry Flints tactics against Rick Perry are "super not cool." 
(17:25) Ryan's super cool story about Joanna Krupa's undergarments.
(38:25) Victor Ortiz in the house!
(40:00) Victor explains why he headbutted Floyd.
(41:05) The knockout according to Victor.
(42:20) Victor says Floyd doesn't deserve to be called a champion for winning the fight with a sucker punch.
(46:30) Victor blushes over his underwear pics.
(49:20) Why did Victor go to The Ivy?


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Hey Harvey! How's that Chick Fill-A story going for you? I might not agree with that restaurant but you are getting crushed on those comments. When did liberals become so conservative in their beliefs? This is a terrible story that puts a nice person and a good restaurant in a bad light only for your own sensationalism. This is embarrassing for you and your company.

1124 days ago


as someone in healthcare i have no remorse for mr.jackson,he would have kept looking till he found a doctor who would give him what he wanted,now conversly the doctor should have had the balls to tell him no...but ya know money talks ..i am sure mr.jackson paid him well for his services.

1124 days ago

Master Po    

Still waiting for a common sense reason why a grown man who had children sleep in his bed needed a motion detector outside his door? Was his staff really kicking in his door with out knocking? Doubtful or they would have been fired ASAP. But hey keep defending this banana who has shown he has NO limits. It could be young kids or drugs. If you tell him no he will just go out and find someone who will say yes. Just like how he "had" children. He found 2 loons looking for cash and paid them to have sex, so he could torture these poor children with out having to pay off pesky parents. Its well know in MJ final year the nanny's raised the kids, I guess they got too "old" for the wacko.

Dont worry I understand its hard to explain this.

1124 days ago


I thought the X Factor was going to be more than just singig. I liked seeing Simon back. The show is a litte boring. Actually it could be call American Idol.

1124 days ago

Brigha from UK    

lasark: someone in healthcare i have no remorse for mr.jackson, he would have kept looking till he found a doctor who would give him what he wanted....
Oh my! Of all the insane comments I've ever read, this is the most disturbing.
If you are indicative of healthcare professionals in your country, then God help your patients.
Doctors were responsible for initiating MJs addiction. Doctors were responsible for maintaining his dependency, and a doctor was responsible for eventually killing him.

And you have no remorse? No sense of responsibility? No regret?
Shame on you.

1124 days ago


I dare conrat murray to be injected of propofol like the kind he injected mj, oh well as to his defense said " a small dosage". Great, but do it also without available medical monitors..Oh, plus leave him there while the jailgurads urinate. God, if I can only pay people..I have him injected of propofol asap! This stupid rat is so arrogant..@#@# you!

1124 days ago

who dat    

Erin Jacobs is a creepy.

1124 days ago

d block    

victor ortiz is a BITCH mayweather beat the brakes off his ass NO NEED FOR A REMATCH ortiz is a bum!!!

1122 days ago
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