TMZ Live Diehard MJ Fan This Is Why Murray's Guilty!

9/22/2011 10:58 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Victor Ortiz Calls Out Floyd Mayweather

Michael Jackson fans are not conspiring to intimidate Dr. Conrad Murray -- at least according to the diehard MJ fan who was scolded in court for staring down the doc. Wait til you see her debate the case as if she were a prosecutor.

Plus, our ass-kicking guest Victor Ortiz says Floyd Mayweather doesn't deserve to be champion for sucker punching his way to victory ... and he's dying for a rematch.

And, Victor doesn't blink when we replay his knockout -- but he's TOTALLY taken off guard by his own nearly-naked underwear spread.

(3:10) Diehard MJ fan Erin Jacobs -- who was scolded for giving Dr. Murray death stares during the trial yesterday -- joins us via webcam to explain what REALLY went down in the courtroom.
(7:30) Erin tears Dr. Murray's defense apart!
(13:31) Erin wants everyone to know -- MJ fans aren't lunatics.
(16:10) Ryan thinks Larry Flints tactics against Rick Perry are "super not cool." 
(17:25) Ryan's super cool story about Joanna Krupa's undergarments.
(38:25) Victor Ortiz in the house!
(40:00) Victor explains why he headbutted Floyd.
(41:05) The knockout according to Victor.
(42:20) Victor says Floyd doesn't deserve to be called a champion for winning the fight with a sucker punch.
(46:30) Victor blushes over his underwear pics.
(49:20) Why did Victor go to The Ivy?