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Gotti Film

Boom Lowered on Joe Pesci

9/22/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The producer of "Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father" has lashed out at Joe Pesci, claiming he's a has-been who is desperately seeking attention by trying to force himself into the movie.

The flick -- which will star John Travolta -- is now the basis of a suit filed by Pesci, who claims he had an iron-clad, $3 million deal to play the role of Angelo Ruggiero, Gotti's close friend and enforcer. In fact, Pesci says the deal was so firm, he actually gained 30 pounds for the role, only to be 86'd from the film.

As we previously reported, Pesci has sued Fiore Films, and now the movie company is fighting back in its answer to the lawsuit, saying, "It has been over 20 years since Mr. Pesci has been able to gather the attention he has by merely interjecting his role in this film." 

Fiore claims it never had a deal with Joe ... there were discussions but no commitment. Fiore says sadly, "[Pesci] desperately wants to be part of this film project."

The mob has ways of dealing with these disputes, right?


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Either Pesci has a play or pay deal, or he doesn't. This isn't rocket science - what does the contract say?

1127 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Pesci should thank his lucky stars for not having to be apart of this piece of garbage. Come on.. a mafia movie with John Travolta? Hahahaha.

1127 days ago


So, Oscar winning actor Joe Pesci is a has-been, eh? This coming from producers who hired box office poison alcoholic coke addicted attention whore lindsay blowhan for the film. I think I'm going to side with Pesci on this one; since the producers will hire leg spread attention cokewhores like blowhan, they'll obviously do anything they can do get attention, including this debacle.

1127 days ago

who dat    

Anything Travolta is in will suck anyways. He only knows how to play 1 type of character. He has no range and never did.

1127 days ago


But wait... this is Lindsay Lohan's big comeback!! If this movie doesn't happen she'll have to start stealing again and doing blow! Oh NOooOoooooo!!!

1127 days ago


It's hard to call him a has-been when he would be the biggest reason for me watching this flick. Mob movies are okay but we all know that Pesci takes it to a whole new level. Pesci is funny. He is a clown. He amuses me! Long live Joe.

1127 days ago


Joe pesci wants to be in your MOB movie but u dont want him? r u serious bro? what a bunch of douchers, If anybody's washed up its Travolta, his acting has been garbage for years now, they should fire him get Deniro and Pesci then u will have a mob movie people would pay to see

1127 days ago

Mary Maude Henry    

I agree,agree,agree(@Claus) Joe Pesci is one of America's greatest character actors, he is a reason to see a film and put up with Travolta-now there is NO reason. MMH

1127 days ago


Pesci would have been the only bright spot in that film. Even the title sucks-(Gotti-Three Generation?) Rolls right off the tongue into the crapper!

1127 days ago


What a moronic decision! Joe Pesci would be the only credible person in this circus! He would be the only reason to pay to see this flick. With train wreck LL on board, this will be straight to DVD now! Unreal.

1127 days ago


I believe you, but just to be sure, can I see the iron clad contract you signed?

1127 days ago


If Pesci can get payed for this and not be in it then he has won the lottery! This film is going to be garbage. One Travolta does not work in this kind of film. Second a big part of this film is done by/with the family. This means that the film is not going to be based in reality. The guy wont have a bunch of problems everyone knows about and will all of a sudden have a big IQ and things.

1127 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Just like Lindsay Lohan, she is a washed has been how is trying to force her way into this film, that will never happen. This so called Gotti movie is one big laugh, just like washed up Lindsay Lohan is

1127 days ago

The Real JJ    

What's a mob film without Joe Pesci and how is he a has been?? Joe whack these fools.

1127 days ago


I doubt Pesci would sue if he has no contract. And anyway, WTF??? He seems to be the only real actor cast! Travolta and Lohan? For real? Scientology needs more cash in its coffers???

1127 days ago
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