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Dumping Pain-In-the-Ass Home

9/22/2011 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has had it up to here dealing with her beleaguered Orange County home -- vindictive neighbors, endless mortgage troubles -- so she's decided to cut her losses ... and put it up for sale.

A rep for Nadya Suleman tells TMZ, she hasn't paid her mortgage in three months because she doesn't want to live there anymore -- and the place is scheduled for foreclosure next week.

According to the rep, Octo's going to try to sell the home before the bank takes it -- but if she fails, c'est la vie ... Nadya just wants to get the hell out of there. Credit score be damned.

The rep says Octo had the place appraised recently for $500,000 -- pretty good in this economy ... but the bad news is she still owes $450,000.

Nadya's list of grievances is endless -- but the rep tells us, Octo simply can't justify the $3,500-a-month mortgage payments ... especially when the place is in utter disrepair (video above).

We're told Octo's already got her eye on a few (more affordable) places nearby.


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1092 days ago


Sorry to repeat myself, but so many people are confused about who owns this house, and whether Octomom was paying rent or making payments, so I did some more investigating and here's what I found:

On March 9, 2009, Ed Doud (Octomom's dad) purchased the property from Amer Haddadin. A Grant Deed, Deed of Trust (free translation-mortgage) and Assignment of Rents, was recorded. The Deed of Trust was to Amer Haddadin, as this was a seller financed sale.

Then on April 15, 2010, Ed Doud recorded a Grant Deed to Harmony Enterprises. This is Nadya's little company/corporation. Jeff Czech is agent for service of process.

So, from 3/9/09 Nadya was paying "rent" to her father, who, in turn would pay Amer Haddadin. In order for her father to transfer title, there had to be a "no due on sale clause". Otherwise, to transfer the property, Haddadin would have called the note due. Subsequent arrangements were made between Nadya, Ed, and Haddadin for a realignment of the $450,000 balloon payments, but that is between them, and was not recorded.

So, from 4/15/2010 Nadya has been making "mortgage" payments. Harmony Enterprises is the owner of record. I'm not real up on corporate law, but if a corporation owns real property, the officers of the corporation are not personally liable for its debts.

1092 days ago


Knowing her, she is declaring bankruptcy.

1092 days ago


Why are these kids so angry that they are kicking holes in the walls?

Wait until those boys of hers get bigger and stronger. Instead of kicking the walls, they will use Octo Tard's head for a soccer ball.

1092 days ago


i feel like i just walked through a crime scene.

1092 days ago


To all the people who say cut her some slack I ask really??? She didn't have that liter by accident she paid what money she had to have all those kids. Most parents try to get their teenagers to not get pregnant before they are ready. Even having one kid as a teenager is scary with no job etc. She as an adult with no job did it on purpose. It wasn't like oops it happened, she literally went out and got those 20 kids put in her. Very Very difficult to find sympathy in that lack of foresight especially since it wasn't an ACCIDENT. Which means she had time to think about it and find the cash for it.

I wouldn't blame the doctor as it seems pretty unfair. How the f was he supposed to know she didn't have a job and/or husband and couldn't pay for their care?? She paid all the money to have the procedure done. Was he supposed to say uh are you sure and give her a psych exam? She would have just done it anyways and said yes I really want this.gain realistically what was he do say? Give me proof you have a husband job and can support these kids
Redirecting frustration off of her stupidity onto the doc seems kinda dumb. The doctor can only advise her of the risks and she can sadly do as she wants. If i sell booze and the moron decides to drive and kill someone its not fair i should be blamed. Problem is nobody nowadays believes in self-responsibility and is always so eager to blame others.

She and her kids trashed the house and she should seriously be made to pay for that damage. She's accusing the neighbors of being vicious. If she was really quiet her neigbors wouldn't give a damn but i can bet they are loud and obnoxious and messy hence I'm not surprised her neighbors want her out. Most families in that neighborhood don't top more than a handful at the most. They also are disciplined and taught to respect property and not scream and yell like a circus. She's not prepared to take care of property by herself with all those kids and she can't afford to pay people to do it for her. She's not Angie Jolie with tons of cash and people to babysit and take care of the kids. Hard to find even a shred of sympathy for the mess she literally made herself and contributed actively to

She should stop being so selfish and let CPS take those kids and put them into real homes if she REALLY cared for them at all. BTW hows the job search going? or is begging people for handouts for your STUPID MONUMENTALLY RETARDED thing you did on purpose your job? She still doesn't have a job or demonstrating to anyone that she's seriously ready to change and take care of those kids properly.

Stop begging for cash blowing it on a nice home only to tra***** and not be able to afford the rent. You got yourself pregnant on PURPOSE with a litter of kids were blessed by god to have people dumb enough to feel sorry and still you screwed it up! jesus stupidity really has no limits does it? sympathy and patience do run out in case she didn't realize it.

1092 days ago


Yep. It's amazing - if you let your trillions of kids trash a home, it WILL look like a ghetto sooner or later.

1092 days ago


You know what's disgusting? She'll walk away scot free from this and end up with ANOTHER nice home (thanks to dummies who "pity" her) leaving this mess for the NEXT poor owner to clean up and pay to repair.

Welfare mentality at its finest.

1092 days ago


The only pain in the ass in your home Octomom is you!!!!

1092 days ago


Is this woman serious? The kids trashed the house. She and her mental state thought she had it all figured out. I guess the performance(tears) on Oprah proofed to be another part of her mental illness. And Suze Orman's honesty about her debt and pregnancy behavior didn't ring a bell in Octo's ding dong head. When is social services and a psychiatrist going to step in and remove the children and place Octo in intense therapy for a year. Am I the only one that sees this mental breakdown!

1092 days ago


See she should have taken vivid videos offer of a million dollars to do 1 porno then she could pay her bills

1092 days ago

Spencer B in MD    

Lol OctoTrash. She and her brood have ruined it so she's leaving.
Typical... When is she going to really crack-up Big Time..?
It's coming...

1092 days ago


awww God bless her, she may need some professional help, and a TV show would be great for her. Since America loves watching others people's lives on TV especially a single mother with 14 kids now that is entertainment LOL.Someone will help her, regardless of her past decisions she is still a human being with 14 kids and no job! There are still nice people in this world willing to help out people in need. Bless her heart I know she will find the perfect situation for her and her kids. After all she can't be homeless with all of her precious babies! Stay strong and keep your head up Naydia we all make some poor decisions in our life, some decisions just cost us more :-)

1092 days ago


All the damage I've seen so far is just cosmetics that can be repaired in one day. Having viewed quite a few homes, I've seen worse even at homes without children.
The neighbors are ticking her off that's why she wants to move.

1092 days ago


Who would rent to this woman and her army of destruction after seeing the video. She needs help - mental help. Poor kids.

1092 days ago
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