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Phony "DEA" Drug Scam

Under Investigation

9/26/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0924_xanax_scam_ex_tmz_composite_3A downright terrifying, diabolical scam targeting Americans who buy prescription drugs online is being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration ... TMZ has learned.

A number of Americans have been victimized over the last year ... but the best way to tell this story is by example.  A Hollywood producer received a message (below) on his cell phone last week from a man claiming to work for the DEA, saying he needed to speak with the producer urgently -- adding the producer had been indicted on drug charges.

The producer freaked out and called his lawyer, who got in touch with the alleged DEA agent by phone.  The "agent" said the producer had been indicted in the Dominican Republic, for allegedly illegally purchasing one bottle of Xanax online 5 years ago -- the website was registered in the Dominican Republic.

After several calls, the agent told the lawyer there might be a way to "make the case go away," because one of the judges on the Supreme Court in the Dominican Republic would dismiss the case if the producer paid a civil penalty. That made the lawyer suspicious enough to tape the next call and turn over the info to the DEA.

DEA officials tell us ... multiple scammers are posing as agents, using the names of actual DEA agents.

The DEA is hot on the trail.  A DEA official tells TMZ ... they've received numerous complaints from victims over the last year, most involving threats of prosecution based on the purchase of online prescriptions.

We're told the likelihood is ... a number of people folded like a cheap suit when they received the call threatening prosecution and sent the money in, hoping the criminal case would go away.



No Avatar

Rogue Warrior    

Well all I gotti say is, wow they're dumb for caving! Good morning to all the Nancy Disgrace following, mental midgets. It's time for you all to begin your day on the couch!

1132 days ago


I wonder how much they were asking for, quite a lot i imagine.

1132 days ago


Is this really TMZ worthy news?! I doubt it.

1132 days ago


My only drug is SEXXX.

1132 days ago


Sounds like the *****ians have a new scam going on.

1132 days ago

two cents    

Is the DEA "hot on the trail" like the FBI is hot on the trail for the cell phone hackers? LOL! TMZ stop it!! You're a fluff site. Stop trying to act all reputable and newsworthy like. You're embarrassing yourself. Stick to following lindsey around.

1132 days ago

Drugsney Drinkhan    

Impersonating a cheater to avoid having your parents find out about a bad grade,okay...but impersonating a federal agent? LOL what a frigging idiot.

1132 days ago

The Real JJ    

I can't believe people actually fall for these scams. Why order prescriptions online go to a pharmacy. I mean come on a bottle of Xanax, really. Sue me then.

1132 days ago


And you believe some guy on the phone...why??? I can make my caller ID say can anyone else.

1132 days ago

Professor Chaos    

If you're dumb enough to fall for this then you deserve to lose the money. People are really idiots.

1132 days ago


i received calls from them on 2 different occasions. the first few minutes of the first call was kind of scary, not because i did anything wrong, but because i was afraid i was being accused of something i didn't do. common sense told me to ask for a badge number and a call back number before i would continue the conversation. his reluctance to give those to me made me just hang up.

1132 days ago


PS - the DEA isn't leaving you a message on your cell phone. They are coming and arresting you. Seriously.

1132 days ago


I just got a $829,99 iPad2 for only $103,37 and my mom got a $1499,99 (HDTV) for only $251,92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37" HDTV to my boss for $60...0 that I only paid $78,24 for. I use

1132 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

The 'producer' "freaked out" because he originally thought his cocaine purchases and addiction had been found out.

1131 days ago


The better question is, Why did the producer buy drugs online 5 years ago? If you are a producer, you should already have a US physician on speed dial.

1131 days ago
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