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Nelson Brother Divorce

Your EX-WIFE Gets the Dogs

9/27/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Divorce sucks ... especially when cuddly pets are involved -- just ask former '90s hairbander Matthew Nelson (from Nelson) ... who officially lost his dogs (and a cat) when his divorce became final.

Nelson and former Lingerie Bowl player Yvette Stefens were married for 16-years -- and while they had no kids, they acquired 3 adorable wittle animals ... 2 dogs (Cheyenne and Kaia) and a cat (Chaplin).

The divorce became final earlier this month -- and according to court docs obtained by TMZ, the animals were awarded to Matthew's wife ... who also got to keep her Porsche, clothing, jewelry and a bunch of cash.

Matthew walked away with a BMW, a Lotus, guitars and an upright Knabe piano that belonged to his famous father, Ricky Nelson. He also got to keep all of the publishing rights to his music.

As for the animals, Matt's rep tells us the singer is "sad that as a result of the parties’ divorce his pets are no longer part of his life, but he does not regret his agreement to have the pets stay with his former wife."

The rep explains, "With all the traveling Matt does for work, his decision was best for the pets. Matt has moved on. For nearly the last 3 years, he’s been in a very happy, solid relationship with his girlfriend."


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looks like she also got his chopped hair.

1122 days ago


So I guess his 16-YEAR MARRIAGE wasn't a SOLID relationship.

1122 days ago

John 8:32    

This is a true story Matthew. One evening I was driving eastbound on Sunset Boulevard. ( Sunset strip) as I was approaching La Cienega Blvd. Adjacent to the location of Dean Martins old restaurant. When I had to stop suddenly for a couple that was running across the street in front of my car. This couple walked out in front of my car and smiled at me as I stopped... then they ran across the street to their automobile. This couple I will never forget... as they were your parents. I believe they came out of the old Tiffany Theater... where they used to have live performances. It was approximately 9 or 10 o'clock at night the city of West Hollywood. Long live the memory of Ricky Nelson. A great musician and a fabulous human being.

1122 days ago

Rock Singer    

This reminds me of the old Rodney Dangerfield joke..."My wife just ran off with my best friend...yeah now I don't have a dog".

1122 days ago


So who gets the lifetime supply of hairspray?

1121 days ago


Remind me to stay single

1121 days ago


That would be the worst part of divorce for me. My dogs are my life.

1121 days ago


He should have read "What About Wally? Co-Parenting a Pet With Your Ex" it's a how to guide on sharing your pets. Written by a Divorce Lawyer and a Pet Expert, it's available at

1121 days ago


Waiit, whhhhat? Was he married to Oksana as well? Hmmm She gets around!!!!

1121 days ago

jimmy d    

Wait a minute! Which ones the chick?

1121 days ago

sharon little    

Tmz really needs to get all the facts right. I know the real story. Matthew left his wife and animals out of the blue ! He never even cared to see them or ask about them at all ever. He was too busy cheating on his wife ( for many years) to care about anything. He left her with one old porsche that owes more then its worth while he took the payed off cars There was no jewelry and ca***** all and I am sure she would get a good laugh if she ever reads this article. He has expected her to pay for his lawyer fees and her own and only pays a small amount of alimony that barely covers anything and he actually wanted her to pay him alimony. He pretty much left her flat broke. He stole all the equity in the house before he left. The good part is she loves her pets they are her kids and she is an incredible pet owner and animal lover. Luckily they had her and not matthew or they would have ended up in the pound!!!

1119 days ago

Matt and Kari    

Perhaps anyone, "Sharon", who has a question about what REALLY happened should make the journey downtown to the courthouse and read the orders after hearing for the divorce (which are public). That way, they would see that Yvette traded the dogs for Matthew's song catalog. Yvette, who threatened in an email that SHE would take the dogs to the pound if Matthew would not come pick them up. He spent over $7000 in additional attorney's fees to do exactly that. Then, she refused to hand the animals over in the end and used them as leverage during the trial (thank God no human children were involved). THIS is just one of the many reasons why Yvette was court ordered to pay her own attorney's fees and court SANCTIONED to pay a large majority of Matthew's. Yvette was found by the court to have been dishonest, lying under oath numerous times, and have been overly litigious for the value of the estate for nearly 3 years. The judge also ruled that it was Yvette, not Matthew, that purposefully and illegally took money from the home equity line and for this reason was court ordered to reimburse the estate.
As far as the accusations of infidelity and abandonment...again, check out court records. Matthew first filed for divorce in 2004, but committed to trying to make the relationship work. Without going into FURTHER detail on fidelity in this is simply the pot calling the kettle black. I am sure Yvette would not like that specific information to go public. Matthew is too much o*****entleman. Matthew did not become involved in a romantic relationship until after the undisputed date of seperation. It would be nice if Yvette would stop spreading falsities regarding Matthew's character.
As far as the vehicles, Matthew's are not paid off, Yvette managed to write a personal check after the trial to pay hers off. Anyone who knows the laws in California regarding divorce know that it is a community property state. Things are 50/50, more often than not in the woman's favor. The fact that it is NOT the case in this divorce speaks volumes.
There is much more that could be addressed, but it is not worth the time or energy. In Hollywood it seems to be a sport to shake men down for their hard earned money, Yvette is lucky she is receiving any alimony, considering what transpired throughout this litigation.
The only thing that is agreeable that "Sharon" stated, is that "TMZ needs to get all the facts right"...and there they are.
Now let's just end this. Time to be happy and move on. Enough already.

1118 days ago

cassandra kassidy     

Wow, sounds like "Matt and Kari" are the ones to "not be moving on" . I dont see yvette saying anything here. What I got from what "Matt and Kari" are saying is that yvette did not want her dogs and then I read in the same comment that she traded Matt's song catalog for the animals.... seems like she must of cared a lot about those dogs and that she must have wanted them pretty bad to lose what probably was a lot of money. Also I am a divorced women and the reason when the so called 50/50 goes the other way is because the husband can afford to get a lot better of an attorney which was in my case.. I dont believe a single thing that these two said. They seem arrogant and bitter . I am sure yvette has long moved on seeing how beautiful she is in the picture. I am sure Matt traded down in this case. I used to be a nelson fan but not anymore after this but then again are they even playing music anymore?

1103 days ago

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