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Southwest to 'L-Word' Star

Passengers Complained About

"Excessive" Lesbian PDA

9/26/2011 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Southwest Airlines
claims it only kicked a lesbian "L-Word" actress off a flight today after multiple passengers complained about her "excessive" affectionate behavior with another woman.

As we previously reported, Leisha Hailey went on a Twitter rampage hours ago -- claiming a flight attendant booted her and her GF for kissing on the plane ... because SW is a "family" airline.

Now, SWA has released a statement ... explaining, "Initial reports indicate that we received several passenger complaints characterizing the behavior as excessive."

The statement continues, "Our crew, responsible for the comfort of all Customers on board, approached the passengers based solely on behavior and not gender. The conversation escalated to a level that was better resolved on the ground, as opposed to in flight."

Still, SWA notes, "We are ready to work directly with the passengers involved to offer our heartfelt apologies for falling short of their expectation."


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I wouldn't want to be on a plane seeing ANYONE doing excessive making out. Don't care what their sexual orientation is. Are people really expected to tolerate people having public sex, just because they want to? I am NOT saying that is what went on, I am just making a point.

1125 days ago


Just look at any airline crew and you would see the cabin crew is either all gay (guys) or a mixture of str8 women and gay guys, there are very few (if any) straight male flight attendants. This is as they say, passengers complaints

1125 days ago


They were doing what lesbos often do; engaging in gratuitous PDAs to make sure that everyone is paying attention to them.

Unfortunately for them, people with dignity and taste don't enjoy being subjected to such behavior.

They should just stop being pathetic attention wh*res.

1125 days ago


I don't want to see ANYONE's PDA on a flight. Has nothing to do with gender. Too much time on the hands of a whiny unemployed actress.

1125 days ago


This is the usual Southwest BS. They harass people based on trumped up complaints and when there is a backlash, they come up with a lame statement. The Airline favored by the Tea party.

1125 days ago


I just want to know what is considered "excessive"

There really is no way to agree or disagree without knowing the full story.

1125 days ago


Stupid c*nt has protected her tweets now so we can't read them. She knows she's guilty.

1125 days ago


What we don't know is if, indeed, excessive PDA was going on. There is supposedly a video. I'd like to see it. For some people, ANY PDA between 2 gay people is excessive. And the SWA employee needs training. You do not pull out the "family values" card, since that is code for Christian right-wingnut. Did the employees see excessive PDA AND would they have pulled off a str8 couple for the same thing? If either answer is "no", than SWA blew it.

1125 days ago


It doesn't matter if the person is gay or straight--any excessive PDA on a plane is inappropriate. Get a room! Sounds like she already knew SW is a "family oriented airline", but aren't all airlines family oriented??

1125 days ago


Thank You Southwest. I wish more businesses would do that, as I don't want to anybody, regardless of their sexual orientation mashing.

1125 days ago


Why would someone complain? That's like the best in-flight movie ever! Lol. :P

1125 days ago


PR Stunt, gays should be pissed at her for using gayness as a ploy

1125 days ago


Well said Hank!

1125 days ago

Mike L    

I don't see anything done wrong on SW's part. If you wanna be different and unnatural, keep your fruity **** in the bedroom and act like normal people in public. Is that so difficult?

1125 days ago

Johnny Handsome    

gotta use the gay card as usual...

1125 days ago
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