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Lindsay Lohan

Sucking Face ... WITH A DUDE!!!

9/28/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Philipp Plein and Lindsay LohanThe Lindsay Lohan sexuality meter is leaning towards "MEN" again ... because last night, she was spotted in a lip lock with a DUDE in a funky jacket.

The guy is actually fashion designer Philipp Plein -- and while he and Lindsay are getting pretty close lately, we're told the two are NOT dating ... for the time being.



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Blood Red Witch    

I am on D-listed too! I had to request a new pass word since it never sent me one! Whoooooo Hoooooooooooo! Will this be our new home guys?

1079 days ago


she left LA on sept is now oct 4th, and she is still there...I dare her to brag about CS,,,or say she is doing therapy...I am hope i am right when i heard about the DWC not wanting her to come back...and she disrupted the staff...smelling like booze and arguing the whole time

1079 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

YAY! It worked we all three posted over there! *happy dance*

on another topic. Andy, I recognize your avi over there!

1079 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

TMZ Moderator,

I noticed you haven't been deleting posts. Does this mean you want us to stay or you are hoping we will find a new home? *confuoooozed*

1078 days ago


Sorry Lohan ain't that you have drove everybody off with you bullying its just that your little money maker hasn't done anything worth commenting on good or bad...just the same old same old she always know the fake strolling down the street like she's going somewhere in 6" heels that a stiltwalker would have trouble walking in with her constant sleazy shadow three steps behind and the other sleazy shadow taking the pictures.....or the look at my boobie photos from that sleaze ball I said same old same old......
bye the way ...tell her that last dress looked like she got it from the "My little princess Store." in the party dress section...that tighter then a hatband bodice that flattened the boobies to a pancake and the skirt with the crimaline was soo not cute....not paired with those stilts she wears all the time....I should know I'm old enough to remember wearing dresses just like that ....
Why is it she makes anything she wears look cheap and tacky? Put on some undergarments and hose once in a while it would do wonders....then she wouldn't look like a hooker looking for a quick trick....

1076 days ago

AGENT smith    

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED......The haters are done, stick a fork in them. They are like cheeseburgers that have been on the grill too long. The hater rebels have been defeated and have left Lindsayland. Harvey and TMZ have weaned the hater's off of their Lindsay obsession. The haters have been rehabilitated from their Lindsayland fantasies and delusions. They have been forced out of their houses and apartments to live real lives to replace their virtual online ones. There are a few stragglers here, but most of the demented psychos have left this site. They miss the days of three or four Lindsay stories a day here on TMZ and are like druggies without a fix now that TMZ is only posting one Lindsay story a week. I'm glad that they appear to have been cured from their unstable mental state and may even be able to find jobs and maybe even mates. FREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST! It's a big world out there haters, ENJOY!..... PEACE!

1076 days ago


Now only the idiot remains....have you noticed the fact that those*****ers were the only thing going that was keeping this tread alive....with them deciding to take their clicks(aka money for Harvey) to other sites the joke is on TMZ cause they are the real losers here..

How much money have you giving to TMZ lately, O posts since last week, not a very good supporter of you nasty girl is it.....

As for Lohan Inc suppressing the bad comments the jokes on them because most of the other sites that have not been payed to edit out bad comments have caught on to the fact and are now really picky up the slack and let me tell you it ain't praising your gal....You like numbers well here are some numbers..the counts of negative and downright nasty reports on your gals have jumped quad-tripled in the last three weeks with only a few bought and paid for press releases from Lohan Inc.....Some out-right calling her a call girl in their headlines....and I found this out with out spendin more then a half a hour in research across the net....
As for spending all day on the computer...sorry to disappoint you but I may be on a total of a hour and a half most days , checking mail, my accounts and the news....unless I have a tele-a better things to do with my life like every other person who was on this board...

So gloat away Smith, what you are gloating about is really a joke cause they havn't don't nothing to stop the negative comments from growing just let everybody know how absolutely desperate they are to keep her name out of the gutter which is were it is now....

1076 days ago

AGENT smith    

KETJO, you are either a mental midget or you live in Never Never Land. TMZ gets hundreds of thousand of hits on their website daily. They are ranked the 102nd most visited site in the US. Their television show airs four times a day on FOX in Los Angeles. You think that they are losing money because ten haters have stopped posting their ridiculous negative rants about their obsession with Lindsay? When I search google for Lindsay what comes up is..Lindsay in Paris, Lindsay in Milan, Lindsay signs modeling contract, Lindsay looking smoking hot in Paris(radaronline). Lindsay is laughing her way to the bank and cashing in on all the free publicity she has gotten over the last year. Harvey and TMZ haven't lost a dime over the ten haters not visiting. I'm sure that you are busy with your Donkey show in Tijuana and you only spend two hours a day combing the web for Lindsay stories to satisfy your craving for a daily dose of Lindsay news. It's nice that you are so obsessed with Lindsay. I'm sure you are one of her 2.5 million followers on Twitter. JOIN LINDSAY TWITTER ARMY..100,000 people a month are joining.

1076 days ago


No I don't live in Never Never Land . sweetie , I live in the REAL WORLD something you seem to don't know anything about......

As for the free publicity well, if becomeing known as one of the worlds most hated and despied people is whats she wants well she's got it......a hundred times for the money she's making ...we all can see how happy its making her now don't we....
as for my obcession with Lindsay, hell son, she ain't even chigger bite that needs scratching in my world , just a sad story of stupidly and greed and gossip and I'm just a ordinary human who will stop and read about everybody else.......
Now to see Obcession all you have to do is look in the mirror.....

1075 days ago
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