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Did Dr. Murray

Try to Cover Up Evidence?

9/28/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jackson's assistant testifies Dr. Conrad Murray wanted to return to the scene of MJ's death to remove a mysterious "cream" -- but hold on ... Harvey thinks there's reason to beleive Murray did NOT try to cover up important evidence.

Plus, Lou Ferrigno calls in and says MJ was in "great shape" just weeks before his death. Jason and Harvey think he would be a DYNAMITE witness for the defense.

And, Tyrese Gibson refuses to back down over the liquor store issue that got him tossed out of a radio station ... he joins us to state his case.


(0:50) Major witness hit the stand today -- MJ's assistant Michael Emir Williams ... the guy Murray called BEFORE dialing 911.
(2:00) Williams claims Murray wanted to return to the scene of MJ's death to remove a "cream" that MJ wouldn't want "the world" to know about.
(4:40) Harvey thinks there's evidence Murray was NOT involved in a cover up.
(11:10) Lou Ferrigno is on the phone -- and describes Michael Jackson's physical state just weeks before his death.
(12:00) Lou said something weird was going on with MJ -- and he thinks it had to do with the stress of the concert tour.
(32:00) Was Murray corrupted by money ... or MJ's fame?
(34:30) Tyrese Gibson calls in to explain why he was THROWN OUT of a radio interview.
(42:00) Arnold & Maria -- seeking out photographers?  


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I know that this is a little off point considering the cir****tances...however, I keep hearing rumors that Ashton & Demi are splitting. Do you know anything about this? It's being reported everywhere from People Magazine to the L.A. Times (and those are sources that I actually trust -- unlike Star & In Touch).

1019 days ago


I know 's a litle off point considering the cri****tances...but, is it true that Demi & Ashton are through? I was wondering if you guys are looking in to those rumors that everyone from People to the L.A. Times is reporting.

1019 days ago


I think Michael was an extremely talented, giving and kind hearted person but he was obviously a desperate addict that should have been in rehab rather than getting ready for concerts. After hearing the tape played yesterday made me feel so sorry for him and his children and wondered how much of this they were exposed to daily.

Ultimately Murray broke many medical rules like administering propophol in a non hospital setting and LEFT him unattended. Charging 150k a month he was really acting as a pricy drug dealer and knew the risks involved. He should be found guilty and never able to practice again.

1019 days ago


how many days is the Conrad Murray trial supposed to go on for?

1019 days ago


I have to say that something seems fishy here. To say that a personal assistant (someone that handles almost ALL of your daily scheduling and activities) did not know that all of this was going on, then not know how to question in regards to a "reaction" is far fetched. Personal Assistants know EVERY aspect of the person they are working for lives...they are usually the one that gets landed on the most for personal "I Wants . . . or Get Me . . . "

1019 days ago



1019 days ago


If you listen to his words Murray said "HE HAD a bad reaction" not "he is having a bad reaction" Medical people talk with the moment. Michael was dead for hours, you can't bring someone back with fixed and dialted pupils.

1019 days ago


Not calling 911 is going to work in his favor if played right. If Murray was under the impression that he, and he alone administered the Propofol then whatever was occuring was something he could have overcome, being a physician. Had he known MJ was a pro at administering all drugs on the planet to himself he would have called 911.

1019 days ago


The phone to call to the asst. say's "He had" not" he is having a bad reaction". Murray didn't call 911 because when the pupils are fixed and dialted it is too late. Even if there was push of massive amnt of propofol Mj was never gonna come back. Even ventalating and waiting for the effects to wear off wouldn't happen. The cells of the body were poisoned beyond ever coming back.
rip mj

1019 days ago


As "sad" as the death of MJ was/is (due to the cir****tances)... Dr. MURRAY is only "guilty" MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE at the MOST... if "we" want to place RESPONSIBILITY for his death on "someone/thing"... then HIS FAMILY (who CLAIMS to have been SO CLOSE to him)... and even MJ HIMSELF should be held responsible... AND a MEDICAL COMMUNITY who can be bought/is starstruck should be held RESPONSIBLE... what about the Dr.s that supposedly popped all those "pimples" and used PROPOFOL??? Blame should be dealt to the WHOLE TABLE... MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE... yes... MURDER... NOT EVEN CLOSE

How does HIS (Dr. Murray's) CARE of MJ differ in anyway from say Anna Nicole's Medical Care... or ELVIS for that matter????

1019 days ago


At a minimum MJ was a pretty mentially disturbed individual. Based on the conversation reported by Lou (his trainer) I'm now wondering whether this was actually a suicide. It seems like MJ was pretty concerned about being able to pull of this gig and maybe he thought this was a good way to bail on the whole program.

1019 days ago


You can watch what Dr. Murray was doing on MJ's last day here:

1019 days ago


You can see what Dr. Murray was doing on MJ's last day here:

1019 days ago


I don't know why he didn't call 911 first, BUT THANK GOD HE DIDN'T!!!!!

1019 days ago


When you find a patient dead you know there is nothing you can do. I find it appalling that he did not have the decency to inform the paramedics of what he gave him. And to just be honest about what he was doing. It was not a crime for him to order propofol and it was not a crime for him to administer the propofol. I suspect all that will change now.
So at the time of MJ death Murray had not broken any laws.
But when he was not honest in what and how much he gave he changed the way the game was going to go.
He showed a grave neglect and disregard for a human life.

1019 days ago
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