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Banned from the Airwaves in Delaware

9/29/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyrese banned in delaware
You won't be hearing any Tyrese songs on the radio in Delaware in the near future ... because the singer's music has been banned from the biggest hip hop station in the state.

TMZ spoke with Tony Quartarone -- the station owner at KISS 101.7 -- who tells us he's not upset with Tyrese because he took a stand against liquor stores ... instead, he claims the problem was the way the singer addressed his listeners.

Quartarone says, "Tyrese was not kicked off the air for pointing out that liquor stores should not be located near schools ... I totally agree with that. But ... he proceeded to downgrade my audience by calling them 'homies.'"

Quartarone says he felt the language was condescending -- and that's why he asked Tyrese to leave the building Monday morning. After Tyrese tweeted about the incident, Quartarone says he decided to ban Ty's music until he gets an apology.

He probably won't get one -- Tyrese called in to "TMZ Live" yesterday and told us he simply didn't care if the station takes his music out of rotation.


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Ban Tyreses' music? Puhleeze! He's only had 1 or 2 hit songs before he jumped to being the second rate credits in movies. No loss for Delaware.

1118 days ago


Um, what? Since when is calling people your homies condescending? This dumbass needs to consult the urban dictionary.

1118 days ago

Mary P    

Wow - guy makes an uproar over the word homies - but can't even use the right word for DEgrade and says DOWNgrade? Not too bright there dude. What did he do, roll back his audience to version 6.4.22?

1118 days ago


How is calling some one 'homie' offensive? What the hell is he talking about here...

1118 days ago


Homie means friend. how is that a downgrade?

1118 days ago


That's petty on the radio station's part. And since when is "homie" offensive? That's a first. Good for Tyrese for taking a stand, 2.) for proving that not only do they have liquor stores near schools, but for proving they are ignorant as well. Tyrese was simply being emphatic when he used "homie". Obviously the station owners are culturally retarded.

1118 days ago

If station owner Tony Quartarone is insulted by the word "homies" then he shouldn't even own a hip-hop station. What a freaking moron.

1118 days ago


I have never heard of this guy--so I really don't think banning him from a radio station is going to make that much difference. The world will go on without him. And I would have asked him to leave the studio also.

1118 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Shows you how dumb people in Delaware are. This dumb ass doesn't realize that people will change the station to one that is playing his music and you can bet somebody will take up the slack.

1118 days ago


This is SO ridiculous. Go to their web site and check out the long and painful excuse they give as to why they threw him out of their station. They are weak to say the least. They didnt like him using the word " HOMIE" unreal.

1118 days ago


Now I understand, had he said *****s' that would have been more befitting.


1118 days ago


did this manager forget what radio station he worked for?

1118 days ago


"Homies" an offensive word in the biggest hip hop station from the whole state of Delaware? Is this for real?? Tyrese is being punked! lol

1118 days ago

Delaware D    

DELAWARE SUPPORTS TYRESE! who cares about that stupid radio station. Tyrese was right!

1118 days ago


banned him for calling the listeners homies....on a hip hop station? What am I missing here? Guess I'm older than I thought

1118 days ago
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