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Conrad Murray

Knotty Strategy for

Manslaughter Defense

9/29/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray
is handling one ultra-important aspect of his defense all by himself -- picking out the snazzy ties he's wearing to his manslaughter trial each day.

Sources connected to doc Murray tell us he is taking a serious, yet frugal, approach to his ties -- sky blue and gold, so far -- choosing to stick with the ones in his closet ... instead of going on a necktie shopping spree.

We're told Murray has plenty to choose from -- the trial could go several months -- and he has two key criteria: no black (major downer) and no small patterns (not good for tv cameras).

Knot for nothin' -- but, we gotta ask ...


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Faced Killer

1128 days ago


These polls get more and more stupid... I refuse do click on an answer which has nothing to do with the question... Let the man wear the ties he wants to -- I couldn't care less -- and guilt is another thing.

1128 days ago


The actual aim of TMZ by that poll is to find out if the readers have changed their opinion (... and they can't post the same question 100 times...).

TMZ uses ALL that polls to find out how they could catch more readers. Best for them is controversy.

1128 days ago

frnacisco 2010    

you gyus in TMZ are so ******* stupids.

1128 days ago


@samantha, are you serious, what the hell does race have to do with justice?! Yes, MJ was "requesting" drugs from his doctor(s) and though i wasn't there, i don't think he used the drugs for enjoyment but to SLEEP, if nothing else is clear, that should be even to a closed minded racist such as yourself (oops is that an assumption?)if you opened your eyes and ears you would know that MJ was an international figure and was loved and admired by all races, you ninny!!!! I agree that he (MJ) is somewhat responsible for his own death, but i also believe a doctor should know better and been better prepared for this exact instance. I certainly don't believe he intentionally killed MJ, but, his actions or lack there of resulted in his death, hence, INVOLUNTARY manslaughter. God forbid you need something for pain physically or emotionally and depend on it to make your quality of life bearable, MJ was a tortured soul, but, he gave the world hope through his music and good works, at least give him credit for that...

1128 days ago


Former Michael Jackson Attorney Predicts Jury Could Hang In Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Former Michael Jackson Attorney Predicts Jury Could Hang In Dr. Conrad Murray Trial
Posted on Sep 29, 2011 @ 03:00PM print it send it
Splash News/WENNBy Jen Heger - Radar Legal Editor

Michael Jackson's former attorney, Mark Geragos revealed on Radar Live that he thinks that the Dr. Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter case could end in a hung jury.

"I think right now it's still early, but it looks to me like it's a hung a jury, the demographics and ethnicity of the jury, looks to me like it's a hung," Geragos told

As previously reported, Jackson's two oldest children, Prince and Paris want to testify against Dr. Murray. The famed attorney tells us that Dr. Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff must be very careful in questioning the children of the King of Pop.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

"It's a mine field to call either one of have got to ask the questions, you can't let those kids get up there and just testify, you would have to ask the questions, but you have to do it as gingerly as you possibly could, I'm telling you both of those kids are precocious....those kids are impressive kids," Geragos said.

Geragos recalled the infamous day during a pre-trial hearing for Michael Jackson's 2005 molestation case, when Michael jumped onto the roof of an SUV in his motorcade, "My initial and lasting reaction was geez, I wish I was in as good as shape as he is at this age was to jump in one fell swoop onto the top of the roof. My second reaction was Judge Melville was going to kill me."

1128 days ago


1128 days ago


You know, in yesterday's testimony by that AEG woman lawyer, they had the contract that Murray and her were hammering out and showed it signed by Murray, but NOT MJ yet. That FINAL contract was on June 24. It's ASSUMED that MJ hadn't signed yet (that same day) because he was busy at rehearsal and all.

If you remember her testimony SHE SAID that Murray kept telling her what he wanted, she would ask questions, then he'd request a rewrite. Can't remember how many drafts she had to keep making with HIS revisions.. BUT... in that last contract that Murray finally 'approved' and signed on June 24 had the amendment that he be paid retroactive to MAY 1, and that MJ pay him and not AEG. She SAID MJ agreed to that.... but, did he?? NO PROOF he had. SO....

Made me wonder if Murray presented that final draft to MJ, but maybe MJ didn't sign NOT because he was so busy, but because he disagreed with paying retro-active to MAY 1, and/or AT ALL since the matter of contention was between MJ and AEG that AEG pay Murray as part of HIS (MJ) contract with AEG.

Murray claims he was never paid for May, or for June for that matter. Who knows... as many as 7 kids to pay for, getting sued left and right for child support, his McMansion going to foreclosure, and his expensive ho's on the side maybe he offed MJ in a fit of rage....

It at least could be part of his reasoning that MJ SHOULD die in Murray's opinion, as MJ was filthy rich, as was AEG, but WHO did he have direct access and perfect cir****tances to get it done, right. All the benzo's mentioned that his 'team' says MJ got up went to the bathroom and took behind his back... how about Murray FED them to him IN something... you know, like JUICE? Spiking his chit. Dude (can't remember his name) that was at rehearsals that said he knew about everyone there but for Murray, but that to look at Murray he described just looking at him made him feel an air of "sleazy" about him. Murray was at rehearsals in that last week ... ODD, considering ... all discombobulated Ortega said. Chase sending meals WITH MJ to rehearsals, and Murray there creeping ppl out with his sitting there lurking presence. Maybe Murray was spiking MJ's FOOD that he was taking from home, behind Chase's back, and just at rehearsals to make sure MJ ATE. Who would question that Murray was there for that reason "as a concerned doc" type of thing.....

Prosecution should ask Chase if Murray was ever volunteering to take MJ his meals to him "since I'm going there to check on him anyway".

Just the way Murray was THERE at rehearsals in the end... the fight with Ortega about Ortega backing off about MJ 'being sick' when Ortega wrote that email and AEG called the meeting with Murray all up in anyone's face about staying away from MJ that MJ was HIS business... SUDDENLY MJ is a whooollle lot better and coherent after that meeting 3 days before his death... and that contract signed by Murray ONLY... and the next morning Micheal is dead BY MURRAY. Murray presents his final draft contract to MJ, but now MJ is coherent and feeling great... AND SAYS NO... maybe even told Murray he was to pack his chit and get out, that he didn't trust HIM as he finally put it together that he was "sick" then who knows... MJ called that nurse with his hot/cold complaint and Murray backs off the 'spiking', MJ's fine again... then starts his chit again... then that fight between Ortega and Murray AND AEG when MJ was 'confused, cold, obsessed' etc and missing rehearsal... then suddenly FINE, again.

With this POS? ANYthing is possible. ZERO demerol at autopsy. ZERO ANYTHING but what Murray gave him that Murray himself admitted too.

I'm sorry but, "Just too stupid" isn't anywhere near plausible enough... conspiracy with AEG, whatever... I think he's far more psycho/sociopath then "stupid", by a LONG shot and with all the EVIDENCE 'between the lines' OF IT ALL... I really think this scenario is very much viable a possibility.

1128 days ago


The occasion is a very mysterious (his death) which is still unexplored. But a digression in the whole story will not hurt. If you must know that M. Jackson did not take medicine without doctor and perfectly controlled virgins took drugs only under the supervision of doctors from which conclusions now that I took an overdose, it was looking for drugs without medical advice and so on. From all this it can be concluded that someone like M. Jackson, who led the health care would not be so easily taking medication on their own, and yet if the doctors gave in to his decision and change the dose, and led him into danger then it is a small penalty of 4 years and loss of license. Then it's premeditated murder and that it has a special weight and responsibility. Mild their punishment for such acts.

1128 days ago


Rogue Warrior,
You go on EVERY TMZ site spewing your hate and mis information just to be noticed, because you truly never have ANYTHING to contribute.TRY acting like an adult, will you?
Oh, and if you persist on using one particular phrase, quote it correctly; Its rode hard and put away wet, moron...

1127 days ago

Luisa Burgos    

What motives does Dr. Conrad to murder Michael? They have a good relationship. Michael Jackson's cheft gave a good evidence that Dr.Conrad where seeking for help. The body guard sounds no convensing..How could he see a plastic bag close, and inside of it a buttle with a white liquid..Can this be possible? What the plastic bag near NEAR THE BODY GUARD?
I believe this Dr. is inocent.

1127 days ago


rispetto per michael jackson uomo ed artista ... pena..per il colpevole.. r.i.p. peace e mj

1127 days ago

ivona poyntz    

His tie has me in knots

1127 days ago


Everybody talks about MJ being a junkie doesn't matter what he was a Dr. takes an "oth" to save lives/not destroy; no matter what at any cost a life comes before the almighty dollar (get it)! I don't care if Michael is rich/poor the "OTH" should have meant more to Dr.Murray then the $$$, remember the nurse turned him down; but, apparently not the Dr., and when the Dr. loses sight of what his obligation is we have a problem, that means that everybody can be allowed to dictate to a Dr. what they want and get it and screw saving lives, we can't have it both ways....and about this peodefile business MJ was found innocent by 12 jurors of his peers but yet people don't accept that, but that is what America's justice system is all about, whether I like it or not that is or system and no one should die at the hands of anyone yet alone a "Doctor" no matter if you have money or not, and then for people to say MJ wanted it he's a junkie so the doc just gave him what he wanted and all the steps the Doc did to try to cover up his steps, I know if it was someone in my family I would feel that Murray was to blame/ IS TO BLAME!, addiction is a disease and MJ should not be blamed for that SEEMS SOME PEOPLE JUST HATE HIM SO MUCH THEY CONSTANTLY WANT TO PUT MICHAEL ON TRIAL ! ........@->--- @->--- RIP Michael....@->--- @->--

1127 days ago
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