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Why Hide the Vials

In Michael's Bedroom?

9/29/2011 6:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Everyone agrees Alberto Alvarez's testimony spells bad news for Dr. Conrad Murray -- especially Alberto's claim that he was asked to hide vital evidence related to Michael Jackson's death .. but Jason explains how the defense will strike back.

And, how could Dr. Murray -- a cardiologist -- be SO CLUELESS about the proper way to perform CPR? Plus, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore spent their 6th anniversary apart -- but not everyone is buying there's actually trouble in paradise.


(3:29) Michael Jackson's former body guard took the stand today in the Conrad Murray Trial and revealed some interesting information.
(6:29) Brian explains why doing drugs at home is more fun then doing it in a hospital.
(7:25) Alvarez says Dr. Murray told him to hide the IV bag and vials of Propofol.
(8:13)) Beckerman brings some "lawyer business" to the table.
(16.26) A caller asks how those who take the stand can quote MJ and it not be hearsay? Beckerman explains.
(22:04) We compare the scene Alberto Alvarez walked into that fateful day to walking into a crack den.
(27:15) Three of the most strapping men in the office talk fashion.
(34:26) Can couples do their own thing on their anniversary?
(45:25) We let everyone know ... "homie" is not a diss.

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Rogue Warrior    

When CA legalizes gay marriage, will you get married to your partner?

1088 days ago


I want to ask what you guys think about Alvarez getting offered 500k for interviews ? Is it true ?

1088 days ago

yappurr just thought you might like to know the result of the banana throwing last week

1088 days ago


my best friend's mom makes $77 an hour on the computer. She has been out of job for 9 months but last month her check was $7487 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read about it here

1088 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Please find out about Jaqueline wanting to leave NJ "Housewives", & that it may have something to so with her being fed up with Theresa's bs. Saw bits & pieces of her tweets & they stop just short of coming out with the whole story. Thanks.

1088 days ago

No comment    

I think Murray wanted someone with him when emergency services arrived, that why he waited for security. Murray knew CPR, he asked people because someone can help with 2 man cpr. I think Murray knew MJ was dead, and only half-heartedly went through the motions of CPR. (one handed on the bed).

The defense is going to say Alveraz should have called CPR right away, however,in Alveraz's testimony he said Murray was looking over the railing when he (Alveraz's) was ascending the stairs. Murray should called then, he should called before he called a security. Every basic CPR classes you to call 911 before starting CPR.

1088 days ago


I am a CPR instructor and if I had the choice between a Doctor or a average person doing CPR on me, I would take a normal person any day. Doctors rarely if ever do CPR because it's usually the nurses/emt/technicians that do it. Never in my life have I seen a Dr do CPR and never have I taught one. It's always the nurses. The Dr is usually directing the scene and everyone defers to them as they are in charge.

1088 days ago


Seems like Murray's attorney is blowing this questioning of Alvarez. Alvarez sounds/seems solid and trustworthy, and the attorney is just focusing on all these minute details that have no point. Is it just delaying the testimony of the next two witnesses?

1088 days ago

Christina G.    

Why don't you ever having a woman sitting in your show's anchor chairs?

1088 days ago


With someone who came up with "Punked" , can they ever be truthful?

1088 days ago


That Christie is the cutest girl on the show.

1088 days ago


Christie I can marry you!!!

1088 days ago


that guy on the left is hilarious...he should be on way more often. Ideal day, him with Jason and that guy that looks like Woody Harrelson. What fun that would be.

1088 days ago


Yankees Spankees, let's talk about decorating

1088 days ago


Christina G...good question about why they never have women as anchors. They don't seem to have a lot of strong, smart women working for them.

1088 days ago
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