TMZ Live Why Hide the Vials In Michael's Bedroom?

9/29/2011 6:58 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Dr. Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial -- Micheal Jackson's Bodyguard Testifies

Everyone agrees Alberto Alvarez's testimony spells bad news for Dr. Conrad Murray -- especially Alberto's claim that he was asked to hide vital evidence related to Michael Jackson's death .. but Jason explains how the defense will strike back.

And, how could Dr. Murray -- a cardiologist -- be SO CLUELESS about the proper way to perform CPR? Plus, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore spent their 6th anniversary apart -- but not everyone is buying there's actually trouble in paradise.

(3:29) Michael Jackson's former body guard took the stand today in the Conrad Murray Trial and revealed some interesting information.
(6:29) Brian explains why doing drugs at home is more fun then doing it in a hospital.
(7:25) Alvarez says Dr. Murray told him to hide the IV bag and vials of Propofol.
(8:13)) Beckerman brings some "lawyer business" to the table.
(16.26) A caller asks how those who take the stand can quote MJ and it not be hearsay? Beckerman explains.
(22:04) We compare the scene Alberto Alvarez walked into that fateful day to walking into a crack den.
(27:15) Three of the most strapping men in the office talk fashion.
(34:26) Can couples do their own thing on their anniversary?
(45:25) We let everyone know ... "homie" is not a diss.