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Kelsey and Camille Grammer

Face Off in Court

First Time Since Separation

9/30/2011 9:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer just showed up in court to do battle in their custody case, and it's the first time they've seen each other since they separated.

Now get this ... Kelsey walked into court with his newest wife, Kayte -- smiling, hand-in-hand.  But when it came time to call the case, everyone other than Kelsey, Camille and their lawyers were thrown out -- including Kayte.

And Kayte then walked into the hallway, sat down and teared up.



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James R. - Los Angeles    

"Hey baby I hear the blues a-callin'..tossed salad and scrambled eggs.

Oh my."

1087 days ago



1087 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

She's one, rode hard wet, emotionally illiterate, child support loving gold digger! He should have had a prenup so she couldn't cash in on her ATM like vagina!

1087 days ago


Is there an eclipse in Cali? Why is the picture taken in the dark if they are meeting this morning?

1087 days ago


She publicly dissed his penis. Makes for an awkward meeting I'd guess.

1087 days ago


Actually Camille is the reason Kelsey has any money left anyway. She made excellent investments while they were married and kept him from going broke. Nice try with the gold digging whore stuff. I see a whole lot of women haters on this site. Gay guys most likely

1087 days ago


Kick his arse Camille!

Anyone who publically humiliates their wife like that deserves it!

1087 days ago


Kelsey is a cross dressing, disrespectful pig!!! Who cheated on his wife with a slut, who is younger than his oldest daughter...He married the slut, now he wants his young kids! I hope Camile gets all his money and sole custody of the kids!!!!!!!!

1087 days ago


I'm sure Camille was busy calling all the press to show up for court this morning! Not even the welfare of her children deserves privacy in her eyes. Kelsey fight for those kids they need you now more than ever!

1087 days ago


Camille is the one who made the smart investments in that marriage. Without her he would be much less financially stable. AND, I don't think you can really call her a gold digger after all that time together and when HE is the one who broke all vows. She does make it hard to like her...but that doesn't mean she is wrong.

1087 days ago


There's no reason "Kayte" should have been there anyways. This has nothing to do with her! Let Kelsey handle his business on his own. Kayte is the reason they got divorced and are going through this custody battle in the first place. I know Camille is far from being perfect, but Kelsey did her dirty as hell. **** you, Kelsey and Kayte. PS. Don't get too comfortable Kayte, Kelsey doesn't have a very good track record when it comes to marriages.

1087 days ago


"And Kayte then walked into the hallway, sat down and teared up"....What is she like 10 years old or something!!! Boring!!! Who cares about these people. Camille is a gold diggin biatch!

1087 days ago


Did Kayte tear up because there will be less of Kelsey's gold for her to dig now?? And while I'm not a fan of Camille's either, all you idiots who are slamming her know Kelsey abandoned her and the children right? And that he wanted to separate the twins? Kelsey is the whore here people.

1087 days ago


Grow up Katye, he's a big man, he can face the judge all by himself.

1087 days ago


hahahahaha! Well what do you expect you gold diggin ho? You arnt the parent and HAAVE NO SAY in the court proceedings. I HATE Kelsey and his "new" (Soon to be ex in a year) wife is s*** as well.

1087 days ago
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