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Kelsey Grammer

Gets Kids Next Week

With Strings Attached

9/30/2011 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer Custody Battle
TMZ has learned Kelsey Grammer just won his battle with Camille Grammer in custody court, but it comes not only with strings attached, but the possibility of an explosion of tempers.

As we first reported, Kelsey and Camille were in family court this morning -- the first time they've come face-to-face since they separated.

Sources tell TMZ ... the two were at an impasse, because Kelsey wanted to take the former couple's two children for 6 days, beginning Monday, while he's in L.A.

We're told Camille, who is repped by Neal Hersh and Judy Bogen, did not want Kelsey to take the kids because Kelsey would not agree to take them to their regularly scheduled activities, which includes dance, sports and therapy. 

With Kelsey's lawyer, Lance Spiegel by his side, we're told the judge allowed Kelsey to take the kids for the 6 days, but under the ruling he must also take them to ALL of their scheduled activities.

Now here's where it gets interesting.  We're told up to now Kelsey has refused to attend any of the events in which his kids participate if Camille is present -- and she's been to pretty much everything.

And, our sources say, Camille will attend ALL of the scheduled activities next week.

Stay tuned for fireworks.


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They'd be better off with their mom, if you ask me. He's just a f*$k.

1118 days ago


Why are you reporting that Kelsey won? Camille won!! She didn't have a problem with him taking the kids IF he took them to all their scheduled activities and that's what the judge ordered. TMZ is so obviously biased that it's pathetic.

1118 days ago


He is such a TOOL.

1118 days ago


Man up and be there for your kids you ego maniac! I'm not a fan of Camille but Kelsey is a JERK!

1118 days ago


kelsey is an arrogant bastard who does not give a flying **** about his family. granted i have my opinion about the way he handled leaving his wife of 13 years, but it is completely selfish to not seem to care about the kids. they are young and staying on the same schedule they are regularly on is what they need. and HE is the one who destroyed the family... how dare he act towards his childrens MOTHER like this. the kids will find out one day the way this idiot is acting.

1118 days ago


Kids in therapy ? This is a result of living with two FU*KING IDIOTS. How sad for the kids.

1118 days ago


Kelsey won?
what did he win that he couldn't have had without the judge?
If he had been an adult about the necessity of children keeping to their schedule he would not have been in court.

That said Camille should also be an adult and not show up at the activity's and allow their father to handle it.
The children should not be in the middle of a spite game, they need to learn to adjust and trust their parents sharing time and responsibility separately.

The children wont suffer if Camille misses one week of counsling and activitys, they will suffer if she shows up out of spite.

1118 days ago


Kelsey and Camille need to grow the F*** up. Poor kids, I bet they r sick and tired of the fighting. It's time to put the differences behind them and take care of their kids like adults. Before they have future Ryan O'neal kids.

1118 days ago


Smarten up ya hoser, you cant ditch yer kids sports and therapy just cus yer an actor. What a douchebag. Routines are important and even more so in times of stress. Divorce is hard enuff on kids without parents acting like kids. Children first.

1118 days ago


Oh get over yourselves!!!!! Kelsey...take your kids to their activities....Camielle should be able to go too. Just because you hate each other doesn't mean you can't form a united front!! One parent shouldn't have to miss out on watching their child do something because the other can't stand them and the children shouldn't have to miss activities that they love because mommy and daddy can't get along. Go, don't say anything to one another and GROW UP!!

1118 days ago


I thought this was family court. Why would anyone leak this info to the press? We don't always have all the details and everyone is judging Kelsey! Camille is the one that needs to be an adult and let her kids spend time with the parent who actually spends quality ti e with them. She's just into hanging out with her new boy toy and letting the nannies o all the work!

1118 days ago


Wow, I totally was on Team Kelsey in the beginning, especially after watching azz on the RHOBH. But, I gotta say, he's really amped up douch factor since the split. And, btw, Kelsey did not win this court battle. He was there because he wanted to change their routines all because he wanted to be spiteful to her, or maybe because he can't look her in the eye after what he pulled. It's almost like watching the Aniston/Pitt split, in terms of the cruelty he has shown Camille since he walked. Nothing screams "Suck it Bitch!!" like moving on in a totally public way, with your new fluff and shoving it down everyones throat to boot! Only difference is that Camille appeared to be such a **** prior to Kelsey walking out.


1118 days ago


grow up! i bet the children are better equipt than the parents.

1118 days ago


In other words you douchbag...KEEP THE KIDS ON THEIR NORMAL SCHEDULES AS ITS HEALTHIER FOR THEM! Learn to deal with your ex and get over yourself. If your children are important to you then you will do everything you can to ensure they are happy and on a consistent schedule. We shall see how long it takes before he does some sneaky legal move. I guarantee he will not follow the rules since they aren't his own.

1118 days ago

Fred Farkel    

The craziest part of all this is that Kelsey married AGAIN???

Do you have SHEEYAT in your brainsa dude???

1118 days ago
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