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Sara Evans

My Ex Hurt Our Children on 'Anderson'

10/5/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sara Evans
Country star Sara Evans has obtained a restraining order against her ex-husband -- claiming he irreparably harmed their children by badmouthing her on Anderson Cooper's new TV show.

Craig Schelske appeared on "Anderson" back on September 20 -- claiming he lost custody of his kids because Sara falsely accused him of being a porn-obsessed adulterer.

Sara claims the interview not only violated a temporary injunction she obtained against Craig back in 2010 -- blocking him from bashing Sara in public -- it also "caused and will continue to cause irreparable harm to the children."

On September 21 -- a day after the interview aired -- Sara filed a request for a restraining order to block Craig from making further statements about their divorce proceedings. A judge signed the order the same day.

A source close to Craig tells us, "This is a violation of his First Amendment rights, and he won't take it lying down."


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Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Yeah, I'm sure her kids were watching Anderson Cooper.
Idiot. Hope she gets AIDS just like Michael Jackson.

1081 days ago


That chick has a serious melon head.

1081 days ago


'Used Anderson Cooper'? Biatch be crazy. Is she related to Michele Bachmann by any chance?

1081 days ago


This is ridiculous! I saw the Anderson Cooper interview with Sara's ex-husband. He didn't even talk bad about Sara just her divorce attorneys. He won an slander lawsuit against her attorneys for lying and he received a public apology for all the lies in the divorce filing. In fact, her ex actually said nice things about Sara. This just makes her look guilty of trying to protect her career more then her kids. I would think it would be better for her children if the world knew their dad wasn't a "porn obsessed adulterer". I found a link to the clip of this interview

1081 days ago


This is ridiculous! I saw this Anderson Cooper interview and Sara's ex never said anything bad about Sara in the whole segment. He was just talking about her divorce attorney and how he won a lawsuit for the slander he endured during the divorce. He also received a public apology from the attorney for lying about him to the media. In fact, he said nice things about Sara. This just makes me think Sara is guilty of lying about her ex and is trying to protect her career not her kids. I would think it would be in the best interest of the children to have the world know that their father isn't a "porn obsessed adulterer." I found this link to a clip of the Anderson Cooper interview

1081 days ago


First of all, he has 1st amendment rights BUT he signed a legal do***ent that said he wouldn't speak of something so in this case he doesn't get to say what he wants when it comes to Sara. Signing that do***ent, he gave up his first amendment right pertaining to talk about her. The only thing I don't get is, everyone who knows Sara and the situation already knows about her ex being kiddy porn obsessed. Why would she let her children atch their dad on anderson Cooper? If they wern'*****ching it, then no harm would have been done. Note for good parenting.....DVR it, watch it, then if it is ok for the kids to watch then let them watch it.

1081 days ago


What kind of pathetic losers watch Anderson Copper?

1081 days ago


This reminds me of Anthony Morelli who blogged about his Psycho Ex - during the interview the Today Show completely whiffed but never bothered to correct.

Turns out it wasn't about "free speech" but Morelli and his girlfriend were practicing law on duping other, angry dads....and not taking their own advice not to trash talk the ex.

How did the Today Show miss it? NBC has gone Hollywood, becoming a media firm that has almost abandoned journalism.

1081 days ago


". . . he won't take it lying down."

Well, I guess he could take it standing up with a drink in one hand and a blunt in the other, just like Tupac.

1081 days ago


He's so pathetic he has to trash talk his ex on national t.v.? Knowing their children can see it? And he's worried about his "right" to be so pathetic? A judge's order says he better take it--lying down or standing up--he needs to shut up.

1081 days ago


First of all, the guy is obviously STUPID!!! Why would anybody with 1/8th of a brain volunteer to divulge that their spouse divorce because they're a pervert - AND THEN - claim they had a right to be an idiot under the First Amendment, this AFTER he had apparently been warned by the courts NOT TO "bad mouth" the spouse-which in this case is more of an indictment against him [IDIOT]. If he had any objections, the time to express that was in an appeal when the court order was issued.

What, too cheap to pay off the celebrity court?

1081 days ago


Husband sounds like a sick pig

1081 days ago


Dude needs to shut the **** up!! He lost custody because he was porn-obsessed in the open WITH the children in the house. Furthermore, he signed an agreement to not talk and did, so the judge rightly gave her the restraiing order.

1081 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

What a disgusting vile sick bitch. Oh well, she will end up like the rest of these old hack bitches. Alone living with 10 cats. You want to be a bitch? Do it at your own peril.

These bitches think it is easy to try to screw a man because the judicial system has been fixed that way - well, most of these bitches end up living a very lonely life - with their miserable cats. Go fruck yourself bitches.

Especially this skank - who uses her kids against this guy. This dumb bitch thinks the court system has interest in her - filthy slut.

1081 days ago


She puts much more importance on herself than she deserves. She was on the road all the time what's a guy to do but look at porn ;-)

1081 days ago
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