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Casey Anthony

The Government's Got My Back!!

10/7/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
Days after Casey Anthony cleared her own name ... someone else was already trying to hijack it -- by filing an application to trademark the words "Casey Anthony" ... WITHOUT her permission.

TMZ has learned ... a San Francisco-based company called Grant Media filed a U.S. Trademark application on July 10 ... hoping to lock down the rights to use the name "Casey Anthony" for entertainment purposes.

But the Trademark office put a big, fat REJECTION on the application -- claiming the company could not prove they have ANY connection with Casey Anthony at all.

According to docs obtained by TMZ, the Trademark office explains, "[Anthony] is not connected with the services sold by the applicant under the mark. Moreover, due to her fame, purchasers would presume a connection between Casey Anthony and the entertainment services."

Sources close to Casey confirm ... Anthony has NO connection to Grant Media ... and her lawyers are ready to take action against ANYONE who attempts to profit off of her name.

Calls to Grant Media have not been returned.


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Yeah! and i can feel the knife from here!!!!!

1113 days ago


What's remarkable about this story is that there's a company that thinks it can make money off the name, Casey Anthony - something the real Casey Anthony has been unable to do.

1113 days ago


I wonder how long this murderous slug has left once it surfaces.
I predict she'll be cut-down by one of those abortion-doctor-murdering type of wackos....

1113 days ago


Casey Anthony is becoming old news... something I'm sure she didn't count on. There are things going on that are more important than her, and I'm sure that doesn't sit too well.

She got knocked off the radar because of the Michael Jackson/Murray trial, which probably ticked her off a bit because people largely began to forget or care about her (even negatively) but a few days ago, the WORST happened...

A globally known, high profile, *attractive* young woman (Amanda Knox) was acquitted - as CA was - but... but... wait for it...

People don't HATE her! She is CA's antithesis... she is in hiding from the press because people want to talk to her, not because they hate her...

This goes against everything I believe in, but I am actually enjoying the idea that Anthony is fuming (if she is... given her behaviour thus far, she's likely at least ticked).

Worst thing for Anthony is to become irrelevant - because she'll always be unwelcome, even hated by a huge percentage. When no one cares and/or is bored by her story (which seems to be happening), this will likely be torturously painful for her... make her incensed... couldn't happen to a more deserving person, no?

1113 days ago


Her head/forehead has an unpleasant shape to it. Unusual hairline, also.

1113 days ago

Casey Anthony    


1113 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Damn she's sexy. PLEASE do Playboy or a porn film. I'd love to see her and Amanda Knox doing some hot lesbian action together.

1113 days ago


There will always be a market for "sicko" material,As a example,take the mindless statement of "Professor Chaos"who thinks he is being smart but shows lack of brains,and sounds immature.There are plenty around.Casey Legal Team is worried about Casey making money,OFF her DEAD daughter,My self I want to hear Baez explain,how every time Casey has a court date she is in counseling ,Casey herself stated to PROBATION,she is not going and NEVER HAS,but all the magazines and tabloid papers have Casey going to grief counseling,all because LIAR BAEZ SAID SO,He got away with LYING IN COURT,so play th public for all there worth,I think everyone is SICK AT THE SIGHT OF ANY OF THEM,

1113 days ago


Baez and his legal team are trying to make Casey Anthony MORE LIKEABLE,while Casey herself is saying"SCREW YOU,I TOOK MY CHILDS LIFE,GOT AWAY WITH IT,NOW I WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY AND ANY ONE THAT DOES NOT LIKE IT TO BAD.,I am in CONTROL.

1113 days ago


The question is...which bitch will the devil be calling to his home first? Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michele Bachmann, or Sarah Palin?

1113 days ago


"Moreover, due to her fame,"
...wait a sec... maybe I didn't read this correctly... um - yep I did.
Her "FAME"??

Seriously? I mean... seriously???

Please, will someone inform Ms. A or whomever did this on her behalf - the difference between "fame" and

Fame is not something this person has to worry about. Really.

And, as I said in another post, I would truly bet that she is livid that Amanda Knox is not only stealing her piffling thunder, but Ms. Knox is regarded as a heroine/victim largely... Anthony is becoming irrelevant, which is the one thing she will not be able to stand.

1113 days ago

Cheryl A.    

UGGG, the article says "moreover, due to her FAME"

Really, I thought she was more INfamous then actually famous. She is not famous, She is a murderer who was lucky enough to get the 12 most stupid people in Florida on her jury.
Rest in Peace, baby girl. You deserve at least that.

1113 days ago


Aw, is a certain murdered losing her spotlight to Amanda Knox now and not happy about it?

1113 days ago


I do not care how much pimp Baez tries to change Casey Anthony's image, it will not work.She is and always will be known as the child killer who beat the system.This is because 12 incompetents, who served as the jurors, cared more about their own personal needs, than doing their jobs..
Baez is STILL hoping he will make a bundle off this horror.But its not going to happen.Not now.
The only time I want to see Casey Anthony's name again,is when its written on a headstone!! Which is more than poor little Caylee got...

1113 days ago

Ron Paul    

This whole thing smells like a brainwashing psyop gone wrong. I guess they were trying to make juries look bad but no one cares a usual.

1113 days ago
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