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Halle Berry's Ex

Wants to 86 the Nanny

When He has Nahla

10/7/2011 10:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry and Halle BerryGabriel Aubry's lawyer went to court this morning, asking  the custody judge to change the agreement Gabriel  made with Halle Berry ... requiring a nanny to be present whenever he has custody of Nahla while the two are in Europe  ... sources tell TMZ.

Here's what we know.  Before Halle went to Europe to shoot her latest movie, she and Gabriel struck a deal on who gets Nahla and when, and under what circumstances.  Sources tell us one of the conditions ... when Gabriel had the child, a nanny had to be present.

We're told Gabriel is now unhappy with the deal he struck, and wants the judge to remove the nanny clause. 

Gabriel's lawyer, Gary Fishbein, argued his case this AM, while Halle's lawyer, Neal Hersh, countered.

We're told the judge took the matter under consideration.  A decision is expected shortly.


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Poor guy, did he impregnate the wrong woman or what?? Halle Berry is a crack ho.

1113 days ago


Good grief, this guy is a royal pain in the azz.
Halle must be so sick of him and what a mistake she made in choosing this clown.
The wrath of a bitter ex...nothing can top it.

1113 days ago


I always thought she was somwhat of a nice person but now I see what a vindictive bitch she is. Why cant she see whats best for her daughter? I think its better for her daughter to be with her father when she's flying around doing movies and stuff. Children need stability, not a life of flying all around the world with their mother and being able to really bond with their father beause when she's with him he's being supervised by a nanny.

1113 days ago


That bitch has no boundaries... she'll push, push, push-and then there's the ******y whooped, emasculated courts. Don't give up the fight Bro. Gabriel, she's just trying to get you to eff-up to give her something to sink her claws into. That Catwoman persona is the real thing. She's evil.

1113 days ago


GUYS - Halle may be fine but she is CRAZY -- Stay Away!!

1113 days ago


SOunds like Halle is a major bitch. This guy was good enough to make a baby with but now she wants to keep him from her. I dont believe any of her bogus abuse allegations. Halle Berry has always been a nut

1113 days ago

viva la vida    

She should appreciate the fact he wants to be in his daughters life! There are so many kids without fathers and this bitch is fighting to keep him away! Really Halle!? SHAME!

1113 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

It's getting downright painful to watch what she is doing to this guy all while letting paps take pics of her current boyfriend all snuggled up with the child. Looks like he has more access than the dad. I'm boycotting Halle.

1113 days ago


This boitch is strait-jacket, padded-room, heavy meds nuts! I'm sure Gabe loves Nahla, but he must have regrets about this skank.

1113 days ago


Ishcabibble: 31 minutes ago
Good grief, this guy is a royal pain in the azz.
Halle must be so sick of him and what a mistake she made in choosing this clown.
The wrath of a bitter ex...nothing can top it.


I agree with you 100%!!! Gabriel Aubry "WILLINGLY" entered into the terms of this arrangement, SO NOW WHAT'S THE PROBLEM??? If he has "NOTHING TO HIDE", why would having a nanny around SUDDENLY BECOME A PROBLEM??? I'm inclined to believe that Halle Berry correctly assessed his ability to "attentively" parent a toddler on his own for any extended period of time. The nanny's job is to help him care for Nahla while she's visiting him which any "responsible" parent should welcome. Children need "structure" and "consistency" which may be something that Gabriel Aubry wasn't readily exposed to when he was growing up in foster homes. This fellow has a somewhat "warped" sense of entitlement and Halle Berry has bent over backwards to accommodate his complaints but he doesn't seem able to fully honor his part of any agreements thus far. It would be in the best of interests of Nahla for the nanny to "remain in place" for the time being. It would be interesting to know what she has "OBSERVED" so far.

1113 days ago


Considering how crazy and vindictive Halle is, I can see why he doesn't want someone in her employ to be lurking when he has Nahla. As long as Halle is paying for the nanny, she shouldn't be trusted to be fair about what she witnesses, because that is what she is really there for anyway. To report back to Halle on everything and anything. Halle is looking for any tiny, little, innocuous thing to use against him and take him to court again. She isn't going to stop until Nahla is eighteen because she has can't stand that he is acting a father should and not giving up just because mom is using their daughter to get back at her ex. Hang in there, Gabe.

1113 days ago


He is sooo fine!!

1113 days ago


Gabriel aubry did'ent rape halle berry she went after him

1112 days ago


Hmm. Halle has no child raising experience. Gabriel has no child raising experience. So why does he need a nanny when it is Halle who abandon's children (India Jordan) that call her mommy! Halle ball-busted him into agreeing w/ her BS thinking it would shut her up. Same thing David Justice did when he agreed to giver her a larger divorce settlement when she dragged the thing on for over 1 yr. Why do u unhumans not see how she LOVES then HATES men. This it too Borderline personality.

1112 days ago


so why didn't HALLE ADOPT as HHD PLANNED TO???

this would have canceled out all of this... Im starting to think that she enjoys DRAMA and TROUBLE

1112 days ago
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