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Nancy Grace

Throws 'Dancing' Partner

Under the Fart Bus

10/7/2011 8:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace has a new excuse for the mystery fart on "Dancing With the Stars" this week ... she's pinning it on her partner, Tristan MacManus.

As the old saying goes ... the one who denied it, supplied it.



No Avatar


who really gives a crap? Come on TMZ .. leave it alone!

1113 days ago


She is far too pompous to admit to any wrong doing…

1113 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

Had to listen like FOUR TIMES to FINALLY get what the hey she says, "Irish Gas". Oh, yeah, might'a been her STOMACH & NOT YOU KNOW WHAT!!!

1113 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

We all fart every single day. I'm pretty sure that not a one is so special that it deserves a story written about it every day on TMZ.

1113 days ago


am i the only one who noticed that nancy had a guity expression on her face as soon as soon as the fart sounded! i almost laughed out of my pants!!!! lol

1113 days ago


Like most people commenting i'm really fed up with this type of story. If you can't get any real stories on real celebrities then maybe your advertisers should be thinking about pulling out. I'm so sick of hearing about farts, Kardashians, something called a Snookie and those idiots Salahi. Seriously I'm getting more entertainment news/gossip from the Huffpost!

1113 days ago

Cheryl A.    

It was her. The way she bounced down while holding her hands out disturbed her stomach. Besides, Tristan looked at her, smiled then made a "oooh" face.

1113 days ago


I dont care for Nacy Grace at all.. but it was totally the guy. He did "the Fart lick"..obviously him. But who cares?

1113 days ago


omfg seriously, everybody does it, why is this such news? i would have had more respect if when she farted she did like that girl who auditioned for american idol years ago, and just owe it-- "omg i just farted! hahahahahahaha" laugh it off and all is well...
but no, she's ms nancy grace, who's sh*t literally doesn't stink...

1113 days ago


Please, Please....Let this go. Who cares who farted? Let's see some real TMZ news.

1113 days ago


Nancy has managed the impossible.... grabbing the attention away from the Chaz controversy & getting the viewer's attention on HERSELF.

I have to wonder if Cher made the media an offer they couldn't refuse or whether the public suddenly decided they had nothing to say about Chaz anymore? (A nice person but a terrible dancer!)

Very weird how this went from being all about Chaz & now non-news about Nancy is being shoved down our throats.

I feel sorry for the contestants who actually know how to dance!

1113 days ago


Well, I think it sounds more like a tummy grumble than a fart. But, if it were me and it were a fart, I'd just own it. I'd be like, ya I totally did. With a combo of nerves, dancing, and that quiznos turkey bacon avacado I had before, it just slipped out. Sorry. :)

1113 days ago


it was prolly nancy disgrace!!!! i hate her so freakin much and ewww look at her fingers. so gross, i cant stand that c*nt

1112 days ago


You're all getting bored with the fart story but really don't you agree the fart story is more interesting than Brooke Burke? Pretty,yes but personality?How did she ever get that job?

1112 days ago

We are not perfect    

OK, Harvey, you had your fun at Nancy's expense. What do you hope to accomplish from this? STOP IT ALREADY, we are all fed up with you so get a yourself another job away from the public and be nice to people for a change.

1112 days ago
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