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Lil Wayne

I Drank Sizzurp

'Because I Was Sick'

10/11/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne is finally admitting he had a substance abuse problem -- claiming he would frequently pound a codeine-based drink called sizzurp because he was "sick."

Wayne just spilled his guts in a new documentary-style video shot by one of his friends -- saying he first started drinking the stuff when he was a kid because one of his idols, Pimp C, would often rap about it.

But Weezy claims he relied on sizzurp as he became more famous -- saying he needed the drink to help him cope with the pressure of being a celebrity.

Wayne insisted he quit using the stuff last year -- and in the video he explains he no longer needs it because, "I'm not sick anymore."

As for Pimp C -- he died from an accidental sizzurp overdose in 2007.


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Wow, nice to see there's still TOTALLY ignorant people around. First of, he didn't drink sizzurp to be cool, as he said. He drank it because it was in his culture, where hiphop-artists were looked upon and idolized. He didn't know better, he only had his mother since his father, who you WOULD look to as a hero, wasn't there. Bad decisions makes for bad habits, that just how it all started and went downhill from there with his sizzurp abuse.

1046 days ago


Celebs today have no dignity. They are media whores. Keep your substance abuse to yourself or your rehab centers. You aren't saving any childrens lives.

1046 days ago


Weezy is hands-down the fuglyist MoFo in the scene!

1046 days ago


another ******* drug addict.. when he dies of an OD or something, are people gonna praise him like MJ???? COME ON PEOPLE!!!!

1046 days ago


hip hop is so cheesy. stupid wanna be ghetto trash.

1046 days ago

Staceyann Dolenti    

News worthy??

Stacey Dolenti

1046 days ago

Tippy mean drink. If he used to use it but doesn't now then why does he have a bottle of it? He's obviously F****D UP on it in the video. He's just a ramblin' addict. That's like a heroin addit holding up a bad of heroin and saying I don't need this anymore as he's nodding out.

1046 days ago


I dont get it. He has a full glass of the stuff in his hand and he's talking about how it's bad? Isnt he supposed to be sober? He's tripping out on the stuff in the video?

1046 days ago


As someone said, it's not like Robitussin at all. Not even close. Promethazine by itself is mildly hypnotic/sedative and codeine is.. codeine. Listen to "Otherside" by Mackelmore if you want to hear about Pimp C and what syrup addiction does to you. He probably was physically sick all the time when he didn't get it. Also fun to consider is that codeine, like any other opioid, consistently causes ridiculous constipation. You've gotta' feel bad for him. The only thing that suprises me is that someone was still PRESCRIBING this to him... is his doctor's last name Murray by any chance?

1046 days ago


People are so dumb. He was just speaking on something like a real person that he is like the rest of us. Let the ***** Be. R.I.P PimpC and He didnt Die from that. Thats what They want you to believe. Read A Book STOP Listing to Fake **** Like this..

1045 days ago


Promethazine? come on now. i took that when i was pregnant for morning sickness.

1045 days ago

Tom Jones    

Codeine is a sh_tty high.

1045 days ago


Lil wayne, is a straight up dope feind and he needs to know that we ( the public) knows. I use to like him but over the years he has become ugh :( ....

1045 days ago


"Lean" will get you gone. Don't do it.

1044 days ago


hahaha, too many narrow-minded idiots on here......

1. The pressure of being a celeb is a great excuse to chill out direct criticism. Just like being sick is another excuse. Excuses. I find any excuse to do what I want. Get over it people who cares.

2. He doesn't necessarily have to be drinking lean that's double cupped as displayed in the vid. Styrofoam isn't like a designated wine glass for lean dumb****s. He's explained the double-cuppin before in other videos about how stereo-typical idiots like alot of people on here like to glorify hating it and lying to themselves about it. and if he's drinking it, F*** IT!!!!

3. Pimp-C died from Sleep Apnea

4. Abusing Promethazine w/ Codeine Cough Syrup is a combination which enables you to intake large amounts of the liquid without the nausea accompanied by excessive opiate, which is blocked by the prometh. What has to be gangster about this? it's a narcotic, for the person who said that, f***hole.

5. I understood everything he said, for the racist white folks out there, quit being a f***ing retard, be civil with everyone and maybe you too can understand a person's opinion. Always talking every little piece of s*** they can regarding Any rapper for that matter. Obviously you gotta problem inside, dealing with people outside. I'm very sorry you're sheltered from the world.

1043 days ago
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