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Lil Wayne

I Drank Sizzurp

'Because I Was Sick'

10/11/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne is finally admitting he had a substance abuse problem -- claiming he would frequently pound a codeine-based drink called sizzurp because he was "sick."

Wayne just spilled his guts in a new documentary-style video shot by one of his friends -- saying he first started drinking the stuff when he was a kid because one of his idols, Pimp C, would often rap about it.

But Weezy claims he relied on sizzurp as he became more famous -- saying he needed the drink to help him cope with the pressure of being a celebrity.

Wayne insisted he quit using the stuff last year -- and in the video he explains he no longer needs it because, "I'm not sick anymore."

As for Pimp C -- he died from an accidental sizzurp overdose in 2007.


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This gremlin look SOB is so full of ****! First off, how are can him being a celebrity be so rough, i mean he uses autotune for everything, so he can't be working that hard! And second get off the trip that being a celebrity puts you in some different class than us all...i mean you still put your pants on one leg at a time and wipe your @ss just like the rest of us, only he does is all doped up on meds he most likey doctor shops for.
Sound to me like another Michael Jackson in the making, and MJ deserved and paid for what happened to him!
This dude can't sing, and for the younger generation that thinks so is sadly mistaken and most likely have never heard real music ever in their life.
I think the only thing amusing about this Gremlin is his appearance! Has this idiot ever thought about how he is going to look when he is 50 with all them tats, whack voice and a following of people all doped up on purple drank....Idiot i tell you....IDIOT!

1107 days ago


Cough Syrup? That's not very gangster..

1107 days ago

The Real JJ    

I saw the whole video and i don't know what the f*** he was talking about for 28min. He sounded like he was drunk or something the whole video. He didn't use to deal with his "celebrity," he did it because like he said its the culture.But Promethazine is used everywhere, especially in the south. He stopped because he went to prison and realized he didn't have to have it. Promethazine with codeine could also be a violation of his probation.

1107 days ago


I wish he would buy himself a new face so I don't have to look at the old one.

1107 days ago


Damn Weezy, never pick the cup up. NEV-ER-PICK-THE-CUP-UP!

1107 days ago

it looks like he is trying to put on his mean face. well, maybe he just needs to take a ****.

1107 days ago


Must be a hard life being able to afford everything you want and never have to worry about a thing.

1107 days ago


Sad that he started drinking that as a kid. Imagine how f'd up his organs are. He's lucky he's not dead because it causes respiratory or cardiac arrest! He's only quit drinking it because he was in prison! There really is no cure for stupid!

1107 days ago


Sizzurp??? I couldn't give a fuzzy rat's behind if you drank a gallon. Try Tussinex! It'll get you there quicker, pal.

1107 days ago


Promithazine is used to subdue nusea and codine is used as a stronger form of ibuprofin/tylenol to numb pain. The thing is, this prscription is usually given out but in small doses and usually pill form. Lil Wayne drank it constantly and your only supposed to have 1-2 tsp. every 6-8 hours. Not to exceed 4 doses per 24- hours. He abused the medication.

1107 days ago

Randy Morrison    

Gee, when I was a child, somehow my idol wasn't a dead clown named PIMP C...this proves you can have millions of dollars and STILL be a total d-bag!

1107 days ago


if you aint drank it for a year, why you have a fresh bottle up in yo house?

1107 days ago


Please, TMZ! That pic was enough to make me upchuck my breakfast.
Once again, newsless news...along with most of the others, in today's column. Slow day?

1107 days ago


OK--being famous is stressful. Maybe they should look for a bottle of talent, too. Do they sell that?

1107 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Can't cope with celebrity & all the $$$$??

Then quit.

1107 days ago
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