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Smokey Robinson


that Murray is Innocent!

10/11/2011 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Smokey Robinson
says he doesn't want his sympathy for Dr. Murray to be misinterpreted as support -- telling TMZ he does "feel sorry" for the guy ... but still believes Murray is 100% GUILTY.

Earlier this week, Smokey told Access Hollywood ... "I actually feel sorry in a way for the doctor ... he was just under the influence of being so happy to be around Michael Jackson."

Now, Smokey says he does not want anyone to be confused about his stance on the manslaughter case -- telling TMZ, "Let me be clear, I believe Dr. Murray is responsible for Michael Jackson's death through his absolute negligence.”

Smokey adds, "I knew Michael Jackson since he was 10 years old and loved him like a little brother. His untimely death was one of the most tragic events in my life."


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Why feel sorry for Murray? Just because other doctors were giving Jackson whatever he wanted, does not make Dr. Murray innocent or less guilty. Wrong is wrong & he should pay. Big deal, he'll only get 4 years & probably cut down to 2 years.

1018 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. No need to backtrack or explain yourself Smokey.

1018 days ago

My Little Girls    

Smokey Robbinson... would you have still done the concert last week-end if you knew the Jackson's were doing this outside the country so the Jackson's could grab the money. The children's own Estate were the one's that were cheated because had this concert been allowed by the Estate.. the children would have received the bulk of the money.
The children need to have appointed a Guardian ad Litem to protect their interests.
One day when the children are o****e or if Katherine passes away the children will find out that Michael didn't want the Jackson Family Compound to profit off him... by using his name, materials or likeness.

1018 days ago

Anna V for Vendetta    

Four gallons of propofol! That's enough to put the whole courtroom to sleep. This doctor is out of his f*****g mind or what? Notice how he remains eerily stoic and expressionless; he knows he screwed up. This doctor has betrayed the Hippocratic Oath; he is guilty as sin. However, Michael also had a huge responsibi­lity in his own demise. Say no to drugs. The pharmaceut­ical and medicine industry is the biggest fraud. Also, say no to the numerous MJ' s exploitati­on out there. Joe Jackson is still pursuing to launch a line of perfumes with a profession­al crook. See the sickening photos of Julian Rouas posing with Mj' s kids, Prince and Paris, to promote his stinking Jackson Tribute Perfumes:

1018 days ago

Rex Kramer    

Smokes, we love you for your noteworthy contributions to American music and culture over 40 plus years......however, stop talking on this issue. You're not helping, nor contributing anything relevant.

1018 days ago

small asian penis    

Clearly I believe you are commenting for the sake of press, as you haven't released a hit in 40 years, and can sell this for $10k before you have to give 10% to your manager. i am not impressed because you are no longer irrelevant. I am however impressed you are still alive, Smokey. Way to sell out, again. Selling out will be your final legacy.

1018 days ago


Would he "feel sorry for him" if he were white? I doubt it.

1018 days ago


Forget about MJ problems; This is a case of NEGLEST on a doctors part to protect his patient, even from hiself. He did not put his patients well being FIRST. I think $ was first and formost in his mind. HE IS GUITY OF NEGLECT!~

1018 days ago


Smokey looks awesome for 70 something!

1018 days ago


Get a grip fans. Michael Jackson was an addict enabled by his greedy family. He was actually a mammoth addict who never could have gotten that addicted on the street. Dr. Murray?
We'll see. But that Michael wanted what he wanted and when he wanted it is not in doubt.
Tragic, warped life. He deserved better from his family. The Saint Katherine should have stepped in the minute Joe laid a hand on him.

1018 days ago


I do not think Murray was so happy to sit night after night staring at this unconscience nutjob. In fact, he was probably quite bored and miserable. This is a vain ahole who liked to hang out in strip clubs for gods sake. This was not alot of fun for him and it got old quick. Also find it hard to believe he gave mike mouth to mouth. Seriously doubt it. This was not one of his hot chicks! He never put his mouth on Mikes corpse. No way. To vain. This guy was nothing but a self serving sleazy con man

1017 days ago


love you Smokey

1017 days ago


I love and miss Michael but personally I think Dr. Conrad should sue the Jackson estate because when Michael hired him he thought he would be just a Dr., then Michael pushed him into doing the propofol. I think it's Michael's own fault that he passed. If your a true Michael fan and he came down from heaven you know he would say don't blame the Dr. It's my own fault. But I do miss him!

1016 days ago


I completely understand where Smokey is coming from. I too feel sorry for Conrad Murray, he seems like a nice guy for the most part. But I believe without a doubt he is 100% guilty of this offense. I am a great fan of Michael Jackson and miss him greatly. But I believe in fairness for all and if I didn't think Dr. Murray was guilty I would say so. He is definitely believe with out a doubt that he is guilty.

1012 days ago


Smokey told Access Hollywood ... "I actually feel sorry in a way for the doctor ... he was just under the influence of being so happy to be around Michael Jackson."

He was so happy to be around him that he overdosed him on a drug he knew absolutely nothing about, 63 nights in a row?

What have you been smoking, Smokey?

872 days ago
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