Smokey Robinson I DID NOT Imply that Murray is Innocent!

10/11/2011 3:55 PM PDT

Smokey Robinson -- I DID NOT Imply that Dr. Murray is Innocent!

Smokey Robinson
says he doesn't want his sympathy for Dr. Murray to be misinterpreted as support -- telling TMZ he does "feel sorry" for the guy ... but still believes Murray is 100% GUILTY.

Earlier this week, Smokey told Access Hollywood ... "I actually feel sorry in a way for the doctor ... he was just under the influence of being so happy to be around Michael Jackson."

Now, Smokey says he does not want anyone to be confused about his stance on the manslaughter case -- telling TMZ, "Let me be clear, I believe Dr. Murray is responsible for Michael Jackson's death through his absolute negligence.”

Smokey adds, "I knew Michael Jackson since he was 10 years old and loved him like a little brother. His untimely death was one of the most tragic events in my life."