TMZ Live Note to Dr. Murray: Loose Lips ...

10/12/2011 1:05 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Dr. Conrad Murray Abandons Key Part of His Defense

Dr. Conrad Murray screwed himself over by spewing several key facts during his sit down with cops two days after MJ's death. Harvey's read the entire interview and breaks down the doc's mistakes that served up the case.

Plus, five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson calls in to talk about this year's stiff competition, video games ... and tries his best to make Harvey like racing.

Also, should pregnant brides postpone the wedding, speed it up, or just do it with the bump? Harvey and Charles apply their (painfully) limited pregnancy knowledge.

(3:02) Time to talk NASCAR -- Jimmie Johnson is on the horn!
(4:20) Jimmie pitches racing to Harvey ... doesn't work so well.
(5:30) Harvey thinks Jimmie looks like ... Jeff Gordon?!?
(8:10) Jimmie has motorized bar stools! 
(15:02)  The 'unbelievable' two hour interview Dr. Murray conducted with cops ... Harvey's read the entire transcript.
(18:10) Cops had never even heard of Propofol until Murray spilled his guts!
(20:20) The lead detective in the case did an INCREDIBLE job ... and got Murray to admit he'd been giving MJ drugs for 2 months!
(36:10) Breaking news! The alleged celebrity hacker was released from jail ... and he's being forced to live with his parents.
(37:20) How do you say "Muhammad Ali" correctly?
(45:00) If you get pregnant right before your marriage ... do you cancel the wedding, postpone it, or do it with a baby bump?
(48:00) We'll let the women handle this.