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Lindsay Lohan

Banished to the Morgue

10/19/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good News for Lindsay Lohan: The judge who could end up sending her to jail has decided she doesn't have to do any community service, at least for now.

Bad News for Lindsay Lohan: She'll be sweeping up blood and guts at the L.A. County Morgue.

Sources connected with the Probation Department tell TMZ ... Judge Stephanie Sautner contacted Probation officials and told them to immediately yank Lindsay from her current community service assignment with the Red Cross. We're told Judge Sautner ordered the Probation people to immediately assign Lindsay to morgue duty.

It's clearly a sign the judge is pissed off -- probably at the Probation Dept. for pulling a switcheroo by taking Lindsay out of the Downtown Women's Center, where the judge ordered Lindsay to perform 360 hours of community service. Judge Sautner also ordered Lindsay to do 120 hours at the morgue, and now that's taken top billing.

As for pissing off the judge, we've learned there's something in the Probation report that will probably do just that. Lindsay's probation officer wrote that Lindsay had problems with the Women's Center, because it was "not fulfilling." One more time -- Lindsay complained the Woman's Center was "NOT FULFILLING."

We broke the story the Probation Department believes Lindsay has NOT violated her probation, but prosecutors feel the opposite is true and they want her in the slammer.

Lindsay is ordered to court this morning at 10 AM PT. It promises to be a showdown -- and possibly an epic one.

Yes, we'll livestream from start to finish.


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Georgia Group    

There has to be something wrong with California, if they let this continue. She has made a morkery out of the justice system and the judges are as bad as she is. They wonder why people do not respect the justice in this country. Anyone else would have been locked up. No more chances. Throw her in jail and let her do her time. NO EXCEPTIONS

1063 days ago


EEW $#!^ !!! If this doesn't make her a good girl, then nothing will. I hope this doesn't make her go nuts. This reminds of the song Hotel Califorina. You can check in but you can never leave.

1063 days ago

belma jaime    

due to having money there is exceptions for these people how much more will she get away with they say that the law and justice if fair not when money talks this is not fair but due to having money is always welcome and alout to do as you please if you were any other people that didnt have the money would be in jail like you have seen and been only for the rich is always different rules not fair but will continue doing as she please.

1063 days ago


One way or the other, Lindsay's gonna be in the morgue soon enough. Maybe while she's visiting, she can put dibs on her favorite morgue locker.

1063 days ago


Wow! If this would have been ANY other real person, they'd be doing serious jail time. First of all, really lets stop ***** footing around and throw her ass in jail like they did Robert Downey Jr. He did his time eloquently and he did it. There was NO TIME off for over crowding or the other BULL**** the jail system is coming up with. She needs to disappear from the scene and just chill out in jail. Maybe she'll be fulfilled. I mean really? Enough already girl. Get your affairs in order and just do the time. PLEASE

1063 days ago


Well, If it was me. I would do twice the time in jail and be released without probation. I would not have a judge from hell, have a 25 year old girl( and spoiled diva at that) touch anything at a morgue. Sick judge.
****** up system. She had a dwi like 10 years ago. Sick

1063 days ago


The morgue sounds like fun!! If she plays her cards right and luck goes her way maybe she'll see Paris or Michael Jackson there!!

1063 days ago


What is wrong with people? No..Really? Lindsay is no different than any of you. She puts her pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. What? You didn't get into trouble as a teen? You never tried pot & kept your knees nailed shut until you were married? Give me a break. Let me guess, she's the only one of the billions of people that was failed by their parents? She was clearly misguided in her childhood, so to expect her to not be jacked up a little, as an adult, is asinine. News Flash! A parents responsibility is to teach & guide your children to be responsible, productive, socially acceptable adults & if a child isn't taught to be such, how the hell is she supposed to practice what was never preached. Idiots. Leave her alone & get the camera out of her face so she can actually have a chance to be an adult. Quit stamping "Jaded" on her forehead, because that does nothing but set her up for failure. Let me tell your kids how f*&@ed up they are everyday of their life & let's see how they cope. Tell someone they're a piece a crap for long enough & guess what? They're going to start believing it. "If you spend your life expecting a fish to climb a tree, you're setting yourself up for a lifetime of disappointment". You can throw a stick a thousand times, but if you never taught your dog to fetch it, that stick is never going to be put back into your hands. Then, by all means, beat the dog for not fetching it, right? For those small minded people, I'm not implying she's a dog. She needs a good role model & people that believe in her or she's never going to get it.

1063 days ago


She has gross red sores all on her hands in one of the pics. Also, nice job on the blush, skeez.

1063 days ago


tucker: 3 hours ago

One way or the other, Lindsay's gonna be in the morgue soon enough. Maybe while she's visiting, she can put dibs on her favorite morgue locker

Little fricker.. that wasn't nice.

1063 days ago


Oops thought the t was an f. LOL

1063 days ago

who i am    

Well just like PITT BULL said in hi***** song "got it LOCKED UP (LIKE SHE NEED 2 B).. like lindsey lohan"... now let her sue over defamation of character now celeberties should also have a three strike rule... HAHAA

1063 days ago


Wow... The fact this stuff is all stemming from a incident in 2007 is pathetic... Even Pari******on gets her court stuff done and so does Nicole Ritchie

1063 days ago

robin s    

i worked @LA County Coroners office for 18 months as part of my college internship 81-82, 18 months. and 2 this day it was the best job i ever had. Maybe seeing where she is headed w/get her on the right track. She used to be so talented. now she is just sad

1063 days ago


I hope the judge sent her to a fulfilling morgue.

1063 days ago
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