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Soulja Boy

Youuuuuuuuuu Got Arrested

10/18/2011 5:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy Mugshot
Soulja Boy was arrested early this morning for weed possession ... and law enforcement sources tell TMZ cops allegedly found a ton of weed and cash during the arrest. 
The 21-year-old rapper -- real name DeAndre Cortez Way -- was popped early this morning by Temple Police Department officers in Temple, GA at 3:15 AM.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Soulja was riding in an Escalade with 4 other men, which was originally pulled over for a traffic violation.

We're told ... during the stop, cops found a "substantial amount" of marijuana and cash inside the vehicle." Soulja and the 4 other men were all arrested. Soulja is still being held in Carrol County Jail.

Law enforcement sources tell us officers also found guns inside the car -- though it's unclear if any of the men had the proper licenses to be in possession of the firearms.  We're told an investigation is underway.

One source with knowledge of the situation tells us there was roughly $70,000 in cash and drugs in the car.

9:05 AM: Law enforcement tells TMZ, all 5 men were arrested on charges of possession of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

We're told the Escalade Soulja was riding in was part of a car service -- and the driver was one of the five men arrested.



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I am so sick of this overaction in regards to the military. You can't say anything about the military or you hate your country You're supposed to thank every person you see in uniform. When was the last time someone walked up to a teacher or a doctor and said thank you? People act like this guy killed someone or rapped an old lady. I understand that weed is illegal, but there are far worse things going on in our country than a Rapper talking badly about someone or smoking a little weed. I don't even like this guy, but Geez!

1101 days ago

Kosher SAL    

came out the water teem s beezy down for the ten count

1101 days ago


Nicole-Wearing your pants below your waist originated from prison.

But yeah, Soulja Boy deserved to get arrested,I'm sure it wasn't because of prejudice or stereotypical behaviors. His comments about the military also I'm assuming didn't play a factor in his arrest,and was irrelevant.Boy is wannabe gansta;he thinks that it's cool to drug all sorts of drugs,carry firearms,and sleep with a lot of women.He'll regret it when he he's in his 40s living in poverty again due to being negligent and foolish with his money.

1101 days ago


Scratch out that unnecessary he =/

1101 days ago


I really cant believe alot of what the media says and I know they have ways of making the situation looks worst than it is....but my goodness...people with tons of money have more problems than the law allow. Why do you do dumb stuff after your success?!!!!

1101 days ago


Oh my God! I cant believe how ignorant some of you people are. They are protesting all around the country for legal marijuana and then the cops wants to bust him for some weed. The $70,000 was probably not from him selling drugs but from his songs. But I am beginning to think that Atlanta police is crooked like NY cops. Hes only 21 years old, give him a break. So what if he said something about veterans its not the first time anyone said something negative before. Anyway he apolagized,. Just because hes a rapper doesnt mean hes a bad person. GET OVER IT!

1101 days ago


good, so much for his non sense cop hating, military and fbi hating. I hope he rots in prison

1101 days ago


He only did it for street cred/bragging rights. He is trying to do what Lil Wayne and TI did...the only difference is they are Lil Wayne and TI. I wonder when his next album is due out??? SOOOOOO WACK

1101 days ago


Good, Finally Karma after he disc the military army and FBI

1101 days ago


Weird, Temple is about 8 miles from my house. It's such a small town, he must have brought attention to himself if he got arrested...I wonder if I can go visit him?! lol

1101 days ago


Notice the whites smoking in the pictures freely.Im not militant im just real

1101 days ago

There's a problem here    

By the way Mr Soulja, did you serve? Tell you what, if you're such an azz.wipe to use ebonics for the name "soldier" maybe someone should toss your ass into a war zone for a year or so so you could EARN IT. Fool.

1101 days ago

Malady Frend    

People should stop judging and making comments without knowing the story, last I checked every person is innocent until proven guilty. As far as his slap on the wrist, lets not forget where the SLAP on the wrist originated.....We all make mistakes and is it fair that his business is posted all over for insensitive people to judge his life..Regardless of who he is or what he's done maybe we should be saying I'm praying for him or posting info that would offer help and support. God help us because we judge without thinking of the things we do in secret ourselves.... I'm just sayin....Smh

1101 days ago


the only thing that makes no sense is 70k he is famous his gunna have money with him and like most of the u.s citizens do drugs and guns ohh well i mean he a rapper they are said to always have guns maybe half of america should go to jail lame arrest right here.....

1101 days ago

Vanessa B.L.A.Baby    

Why is he doing all the dirty work??? Idiot got popped, he's lucky he didn't have any cocaine or ecstacy-he likes to do that. Stupid kid!!!!!

1101 days ago
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