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Why Demi and Shia

Need an Intervention

10/18/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


and Brian have strong opinions about Demi Moore and Shia LaBeouf -- why both may be self-destructing for very different reasons. The callers almost uniformly agree -- Demi and Shia both desperately need help.   

And for very different reasons .... someone needs to do an intervention with Soulja Boy

It's a TMZ Live filled with desperate celebs.


(3:14) Harvey asks Evan to read a funny headline out loud ... it's not that funny when read out loud.
(9:30) Some of the TMZ staffers compare their life outside of work to Shia LaBeouf's.
(11:36) Harvey ignores a comment about short man syndrome while co-host Brian invokes him.
(20:00) A caller with a secret identity gives us the inside scoop on probation departments. 
(25:51) Harvey asks a caller if she is breast feeding ... why he went there no one knows.
(33:00) Coming out of the closet is good for your career ... at least for one ABC anchor.
(40:50) Demi Moore's recent petite frame draws comparisons to Karen Carpenter.
(49:15) We bash Soldier Boy for constantly flaunting his money ... he might want to watch it if he doesn't want to end up like MC Hammer!

No Avatar


no you're self destructing HARVEY

I know all about BATMAN. :P

1102 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Ya Think? Lowhand should go to jail?Well DUH.Yes!YaThink lol

1102 days ago


Harvey....Be honest with yourself! You personally want Lindsay to go to jail, that said, she's not and you know it!

1102 days ago


Harvey- you have it wrong, Lindsay already had 33 hours of community service done in July, so she has more than 21 hours completed.

1102 days ago

fioo hoos    

Danger star knew they dangers when they signed the studio contracts SO wtf is the problem

1102 days ago



Every time Shia LaPoof gets in a "brawl", it seems as if he gets his a$$ kicked. Do you think it's because he flights like a girl?

1102 days ago

some guy    

Goofy hat day in the TMZ office, I see.

1102 days ago


Should Lindsay go to jail: If she's failed to do as the courts have asked her to do then yes. I don't think it would do her any good. She would most likely serve her time at home where she can have visitors and drink and relax. Not much of a punishment if you ask me.

Selena Gomez stalker: How is this man still on the streets? I honestly don't think a piece of paper is going to protect her from this guy. If he has done all the things I have read about, she has good reason to be afraid.

1102 days ago


Why is the prosecution on Lindsay's side?

1102 days ago



yes, Lindsay SHOULD GO TO JAIL, right after she goes to the dentist.

1102 days ago

some guy    

I think Shia has beer muscles on 'roids.

1102 days ago


Mike, even if you weren't on tmz, people would not like you.

1102 days ago

Neysa Molle    

Ms Lohan should be given manual labor equal to the times she's had to return to court. Trash clean up, cleaning public restrooms, cleaning parks etc. If she goes to jail it should be paid for out of her wealth not the tax payers.

1102 days ago


that's a stupid question. if she didn't violate her probation than no she shouldn't go to jail. it's the judge's decision not tmz's, harvey's or anyone else's.

1102 days ago


Listen up, you know the probation department must be so jaded and burned out from all the real criminals that for them Lindsay Lohan is Snow White.

1102 days ago
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