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Lindsay Lohan

Probation Revoked


10/19/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


In a blistering hearing, Judge Stephanie Sautner revoked Lindsay Lohan's probation, had her cuffed and set a hearing for November 2, when Lindsay could end up getting as much as a year-and-a-half in jail.

Judge Sautner said Lindsay Lohan was completely responsible for being thrown out of the Downtown Women's Center, where the judge told her she must complete probation.

The judge concluded Lindsay violated her probation, scoffing time after time, incredulously reading from the Probation Report -- the section where Lindsay told the Probation officer she didn't find the Women's Center "fulfilling."101911_lindsay_still

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay got kicked out of the Women's Center after being a no-show 9 times.

The Judge also doubted Lindsay attended sessions with her shrink once a week, as the Judge required. 

The judge dismissed Shawn Holley's argument that Lindsay had to go abroad to work -- where she was seen partying on several occasions -- and that's why she missed a number of community service appointments, saying, "She's supposed to be an actress, from what I hear."

Judge Sautner recalled all the screw ups Lindsay has had in her court cases, reminding Holley that "Probation is a Gift."

As we reported, Lindsay's bail bondsman appeared in court and will be bailing her out shortly.

The judge could barely contain her contempt for the Probation Dept., which gave Lindsay a glowing report.  Judge Sautner said the Probation Dept. had no authority to send Lindsay to the Red Cross to do her community service and said Lindsay would not get credit for the time she served there.

Before Lindsay was taken away in cuffs, the judge said Lindsay must complete 16 hours at the morgue each week before the November 2 hearing.

Although Lindsay could get sentenced to nearly a year and a half in jail, a frustrated Judge Sautner noted new laws and overcrowding would make such a sentence unlikely.

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Tick tick tick....

1102 days ago


Way more exciting when it was IN court

1102 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I also don't understand how she is able to post bail on probation violation, considering probation is part of an original sentence.

And I've known a few people in Calif who have done full time for non-violent crimes, no years long circle jerking.

Whatever is going on here, is not typical.

1102 days ago


Don't the cops have better things to do than guard Lindsay lmao, our tax money folks

1102 days ago


The judge would throw the book at Lindsay, but it remains to be seen whether she would be able to read it. In all seriousness, she's a very sad case. Her career is over and her prospects for the future are glum. It's not hard to prognosticate that she could go the way of amy Winehouse (sans major talent).

1102 days ago



1102 days ago


you know does it mater where she does her CS? Just let her do it and get it over with.

1102 days ago

TMZ - ThatThingYourMamaWarnedYouAbout    

I can't wait to see Lindsay in some jailhouse cornrows. Biotch never brushes that dead hair anyways.

1102 days ago


what is the link to the chat room??

1102 days ago

AGENT smith    

So it turned out to be a white dress kinda Marilyn like, I give it the thumbs up!

1102 days ago


Lindsay lives for this. Going to court is the only TV time she gets!

1102 days ago


As much as many would like to see Lindsay go to jail it won't happen! The jails are over crowded and Lindsay is substantially in compliance!

1102 days ago


If anyone thinks anything is going to happen, your naive look at her track record lmao

1102 days ago


the reason why Lindsay is not complying with her probation is because she knows if she gets caught and goes to court they will just give her another "warning" or if she did go to jail should would bail out or they will release her because of "overcrowding" if the overcrowding excuse was a factor then why not let someone go who doesn't have as big of a arrest record like Lindsay or let someone else go that has a history of complying with their probation. Why can't someone grow a pair and send her ass to jail? how many times is she going to violate her probation and keep getting away with it? SHE IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW! and these judges need to stop treating her like she is. Its obvious that everything else isn't teaching her a lesson, so throw her in jail and be done with it and don't let her bail out or leave cause its "too crowded" enough with the bullsh** excuses. Everyone is tired of it!

1102 days ago


Is Lohan trying to look like snow white. Innocent Lohan, cut the crap. C'mon you know she was going to dress up with her best professional put on make-up. Judge isn't going to by the dress up part.

1102 days ago
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