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Mickey Rooney

Slammed by Former Asst.

'Gruff, Hostile and Rude'

10/20/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

90-year-old Mickey Rooney is not the sweet, adorable guy he appears to be ...  at least according to legal docs filed by his former assistant, who claims the actor is a mean, abusive old man.

The woman behind the allegations is Cindy Smith -- who claims she served as Mickey's right hand lady from 1984 to 1991 and again from 2000 to 2010.

Rooney's lawyers recently filed a lawsuit against Smith -- accusing her of elder abuse and fraud.  But in new court documents, Smith says she is the real victim, because Rooney was a stubborn and abusive boss ... and all she did was try to look out for his best interests.

In the docs, Smith explains, "Mickey was condescending and gruff, hostile and rude, insulting and dismissive, and yelled quite often."

Cindy also claims Mickey was always looking to get himself involved in "get rich quick schemes" -- and she and Mickey's stepson would constantly have to protect him from squandering his money.

We've reached out to Mickey's lawyers for comment -- so far, no response.



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Yep, ask Barry about his Jerry's Deli Studio City incident. Gruff-tastic

1099 days ago


I don't know Mickey Rooney nor have I ever met him, but the details of this and a previous story leads me to believe (speculate) that he may suffer from dementia and possibly Alzheimer's disease. Often, those suffering from this disease become paranoid of others, make-up stories that are untrue, and lose all capabilities of being able to manage their finances. Unfortunately the target of an Alzheimer patient's hostilities are usually those closest to them. Sad but true. Again, I have no idea if this is, indeed, the case with Mr. Rooney. He could simply be a curmudgeon.

1099 days ago


She and the son-in-law are low down if you ask me. Hard boss to work for? Get a job elsewhere and leave the man alone! He worked hard for his money and doesn't deserve people like this around him.

1099 days ago


Cindy Smith - I have a feeling he is not easy to work for. I see that you were the real victim and your abusive boss so abused you that you unselfishly worked for him for 16 years. Are you kidding me. Do you not have any self respect? Just so you know, all bosses are stubborn & look out for their own interests. They do not need a lowly employee to do that for them. Your job (if you choose to accept it) is to do what you are told. That is why your title is assistant and not boss.

1099 days ago


I can see that because I sat behind him at a Dancing with the Stars taping a couple years ago and seemed a little gruff. And his daughters (or neices or something) were there & they acted like spoiled 6 year olds trapped in a 50 year old body!! Bratty ladies.

1099 days ago


WHEN DID HE EVER SEEM SWEET AND ADORABLE?!? How many times has he been married? You don't go through the number of relationships he has by being a sweet guy. When he was playing bitter and angry that's when he seemed the most true to life.

1099 days ago


If this is true, why would you work for him for 18 years? Not only that, but you worked for him once, then came back to work for him years later. Sounds like BS to me.

1099 days ago


For god sake.. she worked for him for 17 years. How bad could it have been? I hope I am "rough, hostie, rude and yell often" when I am 90.

1099 days ago


Mickey Rooney is from another era. In the old days, some ruled w/ an iron hand and a stern word. If Rooney's behavior was so offensive, she should have quit. Too late to rehash the past, best to be moving on, it's the past.

1099 days ago

Byron Green    

Just another bitch looking for another pay day no more no less

1099 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Yeah. He was so awful that after escaping after 6 or 7 years, she couldn't help going back for 10 more. Is she a masochist or what?

Your brain changes when you get old.

1099 days ago


If he was such a rude,condesending,abusive jerk. I have to wonder why she went back to work for him for 10 more years..
No amount of a paycheck is worth being treated so badly..I have to wonder if she came up with this after she found out he filed a law suit againest her.

1099 days ago


Good for you Cindy, glad you spoke up! Rooney unfortunately, has been a part of my family for 30 years and he is a mean, rude, abusive man. He's my brother-in-law....current brother-in-law, and would give anything to have him out of our family. The stories the family, friends and neighbors could tell about Rooney, would curl your hair! His behavior is not just because he is's how he has always been.

1098 days ago


I met him at his one man show about 15 years ago, for $35.00 you could buy an autographed CD, after I bought it I said "All I want to do is shake your hand" so he did and looked at me and said "Now F*ck off" I loved it !

1098 days ago


I believe this...Mickey came into a restaurant that I was working at a few years ago and was a COMPLETE JERK!!

1098 days ago
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