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Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

United Against Lawsuit

10/22/2011 4:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is standing together to take on a lawsuit filed against the group stemming from an alleged altercation outside their tour bus earlier this year ... this according to one of the group's members.

As TMZ first reported, Bizzy Bone (far left) was investigated for alleged assault in Chicago back in June after two men claimed he flipped out and beat them up after they paid $80 to party with the group after a concert. According to a report, no arrests were ever made and earlier this week ... the men decided to file a lawsuit against Bizzy and the rest of the band.

Flesh-n-Bone (second from the left) tells TMZ the group feels "the truth will come out" and they plan to "deal with this in court."

He tells us, "We generally don’t let fans on the bus and we are never mean to any of our fans. We love all of them. We have the right representation and we will handle this matter accordingly."


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They are just trying to make some money thats why they are doing this and they know they fell off years and can't sell records any more solo or group wise what a damn shame but good luck to them.

1104 days ago


It's the thuggish ruggish boooooone...

That was the jam back in the day... like fifteen years ago.

1104 days ago



1104 days ago


Sorry, but these guys don't look very friendly. Wouldn't get on their bus.

1104 days ago


If their group's name didn't give away what a high
class performance could be expected by the fan
who claims they were beat up over the $80 they
paid to party with the boys on the bus, well,.....
good luck with the judge. These thugs so broke
they expect the fans to not only blow them but
bring the drugs to use while they do it. Hasbeens
If they evah wiz.

1104 days ago


That's funny -- Bizzy Bone. I suppose in order to get a little street cred Mr. Bone changed his name from Bryon McCane (the black dimorphic name of Byron/Brian) to Bizzy. Good it took all 5 of you to think of that.

1104 days ago

Christine in Seattle    

I met Bone Thugs & Harmony after a concert in Portland, OR several years ago. I had seen them the night before at a small club after the Insane Clown Posse show in Seattle was cancelled. They were AWESOME saying they remembered me from the club the night before. They were nothing but polite and very thankful for us coming to the show. This story sounds like BS to me.

1104 days ago

Split Personality    

Ya'll dont have a clue 2 what ya'll talkin about. This incident happened, the guy that got bombed on brought his couzin a long and his cuz was talkin smack, one of em touched Bizzy and the he flipped on him. They guy that got hit said they were workin it out and no charges were going to get made. The guy(s)who got hit went on a chat board and posted what happened, supposively. This aint no publicity stunt, if anything they were trying to settle this without media involvement.

1104 days ago


yeah Except this same thing happend in Fargo when they came. We paid at the hotel to go hang out becausse we had backstage passes and then never go to. After this I stopped listening to Bone because they treat their fans like crap

1104 days ago

Split Personality    

From the guy that got jumped

Originally Posted by kelevra
i just found this post! this is about me and my cousin. we are the ones bizzy jumped that night

Originally Posted by kelevra
na bro it is me. it went down bogus yea. and ima just try to fit it all into this. we didnt just pay for the autographs and pictures. we payed to hang out on the bus with them after the show. it was a lil money to chill like a bone. it was my cousins 21 bday gift because he is such a big fan so we made it happen. i mean chances like that dont just come around often. layzie was the **** chill as **** flesh came on and then idk were he went. and if anybody went to the show, the big dude in all white playin the trumpet. i forgot his name but he was cool as hell, that guy sure did love music! i mean i didnt want it to go were it did none of it should have happen. things got out of hand but its cool now bizzy reached out to me, this time not a closed fist lol. we working this thing out like it should be and thatll be that honestly. i get all yall got mad bone love and so do i thats why this is so crazy. if yall want to believe it go for it if you dont that dont change the fact. so ill let the talkers talk. but i got to say i have met a lota chill ass people through all this and some bogus ass idiots.

Originally Posted by kelevra
i got no reason to lie... i love bone thugs. if you choose not to believe it you dont have to. dont change the matter.

Originally Posted by kelevra
honestly i wish i could, im in agreement that i cant. and since im the only one with it, they would know it was me. and i aint trying to be bogus like that. like i said i never wished for it to get like this but hes doin the right thing so i gotta sick to my end to. its just me my cuz bone thugs and like 15 other people that will know what really went done im sorry.

Originally Posted by kelevra
yea man honestly i know! i had WGN calling me at 5 that morning ABC the next day. TMZ just yesterday.and about 50ppl tryn get at my facebook. mostly respectful but i had some tryin to dog me for this. yea hes tryin to make this right so ima respect that and do my part as i agreed to them. but hey i got a story for a life time here if people choose to believe it or not. still feels unreal to me. but thank you for being cool, i like to see people that dont just pop off and show some form of respect when they dont know all of things. so thank you!

Originally Posted by kelevra
that is exactly how it went down. except my cousin was hardly drunk, the only reason thats holding is because he did have a few beers in the show so people are concluding he was intoxicated. but as far as my half goes yes he kept asking if that was my boy i tried to say i got no problems and when i put my hands up i brushed him. he said you put your hands on me again and ill swat you he asked if that was my boy again and i said hes my cousin then bam. no lie dudes fast two seemed like one. and next i saw blood. some dude found my busted glasses for me. i wish i could find him and thank him.

Originally Posted by kelevra
right! this thing got so crazy so fast. ok you believe it or you dont, what does what happen to someone else have to do with all yall arguing with each other. the story as is, is almost perfect to a T. we gotta just lets this go and move on.

Originally Posted by kelevra
n i never tried to take advantage of nothin except the fact that we had a chance to get on the bus, i was all over that. and we payed because it was my cousins 21st bday and it wasnt just for the pics and autographs it was to chill for awhile and my cousin such a big fan we did it for him. i cant comment on much now because it is being handled but there was no disrespect on the bus and the whole thing was just out of hand.

Originally Posted by kelevra
wow ok there are so many, really people 496!!! it happened if you take personal offense then i just gotta laugh at you. this is between me and bizzy. some say we like groopies? have you read some of the **** on here? some of you guys are taking this to heart way to much. but i do want to say thank you to all the ones that have been respectful about the matter. thats real cool of you guys. ID LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU TO THE GUY THAT FOUND MY BROKEN GLASSES FOR ME THAT WAS REAL COOL BRO IF YOU OUT THERE!!! i wish i could comment to everyone but there is way to much chatter. so i put some of my side out there if you can find it. but i cant say much now that we are working it out. im doin that outta respect so what you know you know. and i cant post the video to who ever wants to ask that one. ive agreed to keep that to myself. i mean really you can choose to believe what you want but only me my cousin bizzy and about 15 people will ever truly know what happen that night.
Originally Posted by kelevra
Unique lili tho! a special thanks to you for keeping it really and telling it like it happen, besides your funny ass lil comments you said it just like it went down. so thank you.

1104 days ago


Why do people have to stir up **** all the time? Bone Thugs are not played out nor has been... They been doing their own thing and supporting upcoming artists along the way... With their status, why are people are trying to slander when they don't have S#!t nor a pot to piss in..
Stop Hate'n and show some love and respect!

These guys are by far the most cool peeps with all their fans... Remember Respect is not given it is earned and I know how they do things!~ THUG LOVE!

1100 days ago

Ramon C. Ward Jr.    

Hey TMZ ,
I'm a Photographer that has been close with Kray and the crew of The Life Entertainment for a year now . I've been to several events with them , and never has there been any altercations before , during , or after their show while I was there . They normally sign autographs, and take pix with fans .... but I have yet to see them "party" with any of them ....... someone out there just tryin"' to get paid ....

1085 days ago

Ramon C. Ward Jr.    

My son was there in Chicago , and didn't see any big fight going on ... I'm pretty sure he would have told me , since I sent him to see the show . So to all the HATERS out there that don't know the skinny .... the group is touring and doing shows here in Cali ... and on the road . Check the UK next week ..,....... IT'S THE LIFE !!!

1085 days ago

Ramon C. Ward Jr.    

I just did another show with Layzie Bone and a whole grip of other artists , and ... not one fight , hmmmm . To a sold out venue also , to all those that think they are washed up ... seems like you're the ones that are outdated .......

1077 days ago

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