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Michael Lohan's Ex:

I Wouldn't Perform Oral Sex

10/25/2011 6:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan Police Report
Michael Lohan
's ex-girlfriend told police ... he flipped out and threatened to kill her because "she wouldn't give him a 'bl*w job'" ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ.

According to the report, Lohan's ex, Kate Major, told police Michael came over to her Tampa apartment last night, when he began to yell at her about an upcoming domestic violence court hearing. Major claims the argument got heated ... and MiLo got violent.

Major claims Lohan pushed her multiple times and squeezed her arms. She claims Mike also told her he would "slit both his wrist and her wrist. He also threatened to throw her off the balcony (4th floor)."

Kate says Michael threw a TV  remote control at her ... but he missed, so he smashed her cell phone.

Major also told police Lohan came over to her apartment the night before ... and they got into an argument that turned physical. Major says she threatened to call police, but Michael banged his head on a door, causing his forehead to bleed ... and warned that if cops came over, he would blame her for the injury.

Major told cops she regretted not calling police at the time, but insists "she was scared."

Lohan also spoke with police ... insisting last night's incident was triggered by a sexual encounter ... described in graphic detail in the police report.

"[Kate Major] did not want Michael to ejaculate inside her. Michael Lohan stated he did ejaculate in her and his girlfriend got very angry."

Michael told cops Kate told him she may have been pregnant from previous sexual encounters with him ... which caused an argument ... but Lohan insists he never laid a hand on Kate.

Michael also told cops the cut on his forehead was caused by Kate ... who slammed her apartment door in his face on the previous night.

As we previously reported, Lohan complained of chest pains ... so cops took him to a nearby Tampa hospital, where he was treated ... and then arrested for domestic violence.

Lohan claimed in his statement to police that he and Kate were going to court today to drop a previous restraining order that was in place against him. We're guessing those plans have changed.


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You can see where Lindsay gets the tantrum throwing gene

1056 days ago

Shar J    

And one wonders why Lindsay Lohan is so screwed up?

1056 days ago

Sonya in Tx    


1056 days ago


At least he had a good reason

1056 days ago


well sheesh, Harv!! The first page is nothing but M Lohan, Skanky daughter Lohan, Tara Reid, more SkankGirl... is NO ONE in the TMZ doing anything but these jokes?

1056 days ago


It was just a matter of time before Milo made news...the sad part is that he and all the other members of this "side show family" will always continue to be a spectacle as long as Lilo is around.
They all need help so bad and I know that the media has a fest everyday with them, but the truth is that no psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist want anything to do with them. They all suffer from Cluster B Personality Disorders and unfortunately they are almost impossible to treat. I hope all the women in the family and the guys get sterilized so this vicious sick cycle will end here. Very sick family.

1056 days ago


one question... Would the world be a better place without michael lohan?

1056 days ago


I thought the judge granted Majors a three year restraining order on Lohan. Why didn't she just keep the door locked and call the cops.

1056 days ago


I hope one day Lindsay is driving her Porsche with Dina in in they are drunk and making out again when Michael drives by in his BMW (or whatever he has) he sees them crashes into their car and their cars explode (killing all occupants of course)..Then we as a society can walk around like Charlie Sheen saying "Winning Winning"...I was banned again for saying that at CB...guess I won't be going there for my celebrity gossip.

1056 days ago


You know, if he killed her one day I wouldn't feel a shred of sympathy for her and if he ended up with serious prison time, I wouldn't feel a shred of sympathy for him. She likes to be abused and he likes to be arrested. These two people are happy in their relationship and the cops really need to stop showing up and wasting tax dollars until a coroner is required for one or both of them

1056 days ago

AGENT smith    

I hope that the cops give him a drug test. In his mugshot that they just showed on Fox LA news he has huge dark bags under his eyes like he may have been up for a few days. It's possible he has been on a drug binge and gone without any sleep.

1056 days ago


No wonder Lindsay's so screwed up. There's no hope for her with a father like this.

1056 days ago


sounds like Michael was jealous that Lindsay was getting all the attention and had to do something to get is fix!!!!! Also looks like Lindsay didn't go to the morgue today!!! Of course she is waiting to get her hours in at the last minute!!!

1056 days ago


Remember when he looked straight in Dr Drew's eyes and told him he no longer had anything to do with this woman? This guy (and his family) are all so full o' cr*p

1056 days ago


Anyone see MiLo on Celebrity Rehab? One of the doctors predicted he would commit murder if he didn't get his **** together. Hmmm, he's ******* close! How long will Kate continue to see this idiot?? She's going to commit suicide by negligence if she doesn't stay the **** away from Michael!!

1056 days ago
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