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Michael Lohan's Ex

Bruising Photos

After Alleged Domestic Abuse

10/26/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kate major bruised picturesTMZ has obtained photos ... showing the damage Michael Lohan allegedly caused to his ex-girlfriend's body during a domestic violence incident early Tuesday morning.

The pictures show bruising on Kate Major's upper right arm ... where she claims Lohan violently grabbed her during an argument in her Tampa apartment.

Major also has black and blue marks on her leg, which she claims she suffered when Lohan was shoving her around. 

As we previously reported, Major told Tampa police ... Michael got violent and threatened to kill her after she refused to perform oral sex on him in her apartment.

Lohan was arrested and charged with domestic violence ... though he told police he never laid a hand on Major and "would never hurt her."

Michael is still in custody -- but he's set to face a judge this morning in the hopes of being released from jail.


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Oh Wow, Big Deal........

1091 days ago


I'm not feeling sorry for her one bit. She had a TRO against him and like a fool she let him in her apartment to spend the night. Kate want and like the publicity, whether bad or good, just like ML.

Watch her dumb ass drop the charges against him.

1091 days ago


I believe her mainly because she already had a restraining order out against this douche.

Lohan's are like herpes, just say no.. the 30 years of pain isn't worth the ten seconds of happy you might get out of that one-sided relationship.

1091 days ago


It's hard to blame the victim in domestic violence cases, but in this case, she is 100% to blame... they already have restraining orders against each other, the moment she saw his face near her, she shoulda called police, but it sounds like she was letting him stay with her. Once an idiot, always an idiot.
And Michael! LOL @ him - he will ALWAYS say the exact same thing - it was all a mistake and he would never touch her and then in a week or two there will be naked Kate Major photos leaked on the web, then she will drop charges. Works every time.
The ENTIRE Lohan family = TRASH

1091 days ago


Sweet Jesus this girl has some nasty legs

1091 days ago

AGENT smith    

I don't understand why he likes to beat up women. This is the third or fourth woman that he has roughed up. Why doesn't he try this on a man his size in a bar. Lindsay tweeted...Unfortunately It's about time he got served. I love you mommy.

1091 days ago


Not that I am advocating violence against women because that's obviously a completely low-class, p*ssy thing to do...but come the f*ck on. Do you really think that good things are going to happen to you if you hang out with Michael of the biggest toolbags in the history of the world? Bitch, please. Find a dude who isn't a pile of dog sh*t as a human being and maybe you're luck will change.

1091 days ago


So she has to sell her pix to TMZ. These people are so weird.

1091 days ago


You know I was gonna suggest we lock the Loserhans up in a cell with a crate of crack cocaine for a week and see what happens. Then I realized we already know what would happen - Michael, Lindsay and Ali would all be dead and Dina would be sitting there cackling and rubbing her hands and saying "where's my fat book deal b*tches?".

1091 days ago


That's a prove for domestic violence?? I am totally against it. But c'mon… I did myself same "injures" with my coffee table when I was cleaning my living room.

1091 days ago


What about the restraining order she got against MiLo? And why did she allow these pictures to go public?

1091 days ago


She is just fat and bumped into her wine bottle collection.

1091 days ago

Blue Lake    

What a disgusting sleazeball. The whole Lohan clan is sickening.

1091 days ago

AGENT smith    

She didn't sell or release these photos, they are police photos. The police take pictures as evidence, the bruises will be much darker today, it takes a while to darken up.

1091 days ago


Jail time slutzo!

1091 days ago
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