Dita Von Teese $5,000 Victory Over Alleged Anti-Semite Landlord

10/19/2011 12:20 AM PDT

Dita Von Teese -- $5,000 Victory Over Alleged Anti-Semite Landlord

Dita Von Teese just won big in court -- because a judge has ordered the burlesquer's landlord to cough up her $5,000 security deposit ... a year after he allegedly targeted Von Teese in an anti-Semitic rant.

As TMZ previously reported, Von Teese sued her former landlord -- a guy named Lallubhai Patel -- claiming he refused to cough up her deposit when she decided to move ... then "went on Mel Gibson-like Anti-Semitic tangents, personally attacking [Dita's] Jewish managers."

Patel filed a countersuit, claiming Dita -- who's represented by attorney Keith Fink -- caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the property -- and that's why he refused to refund her deposit.

But a judge just ruled in Dita's favor by default -- finding her landlord ignored multiple court orders to provide essential information in the case. In other words, he fell off the map.

The landlord is now on notice to return Dita's $5,000 security deposit -- and once the judge enters a formal judgment in Dita's favor (a mere technicality) he'll have to pay up ... or else.