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Michael Lohan's Ex

Bruising Photos

After Alleged Domestic Abuse

10/26/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kate major bruised picturesTMZ has obtained photos ... showing the damage Michael Lohan allegedly caused to his ex-girlfriend's body during a domestic violence incident early Tuesday morning.

The pictures show bruising on Kate Major's upper right arm ... where she claims Lohan violently grabbed her during an argument in her Tampa apartment.

Major also has black and blue marks on her leg, which she claims she suffered when Lohan was shoving her around. 

As we previously reported, Major told Tampa police ... Michael got violent and threatened to kill her after she refused to perform oral sex on him in her apartment.

Lohan was arrested and charged with domestic violence ... though he told police he never laid a hand on Major and "would never hurt her."

Michael is still in custody -- but he's set to face a judge this morning in the hopes of being released from jail.


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Good riddance!    

Off topic, but TMZ needs to at least do what many other sites are doing and minimize a post labeled spam and then delete it as quickly as possible! This is ridiculous!

1101 days ago


She's drunk ALL THE TIME. She would be covered in bruises from that alone! I wouldn't trust a word out of her mouth. She's getting media attention. Exactly what she was hoping for.

1101 days ago


Lady you are a fool to keep going back, if you want to be in the public eye find another way or the next headline might be your obituary.

1101 days ago


Hate to defend a Lohan, but those marks don't look like they were caused by a person... If he grabbed her arm, there would be more marks than a small nickel shaped bruise. Her leg only has a slight discoloration, again, not very accurate according to her story.

1101 days ago


I have seen domestic violence bruises on a person. These bruises DO NOT look like violent bruises. They look like " I'm a clumbsy" person bruises. BTW, the person I am talking about is also dead because she let the idiot back in her life and he strangled her to death. This girl is lucky( If she has told the truth about the abuse) to be alive still.
When people go into the abuse mode they are not thinking and they will take it as far as they can. I'm just having trouble be leaving her story and that the bruises are from Michael Lohan. She's a publicity whore and who's to say her and Michael both aren't in this together. I'll be leave it when Lohan admits to doing it.

1101 days ago


Why do you refer to her as his ex when they were obviously together?

These two stupid idiots and media whores just like his daughters and ex wife. The family is a huge train wreck looking for a place to happen and rags like this just keep putting their names out there for what reason? Nobody cares about two people that are in a violent relationship and keep getting back together, what do you expect? He's a moron and she's a dumb blonde that will allow herself to be killed by this fool one day.

1101 days ago


What...Kate Major is going to call 911 everytime they have a fight and claims domestic violence and Michael Lohan gets arrested. He's going to kill me crap, because you get into a fight, mad and pissed and claim were threatened with no proof what so ever. Just false accuations. The bruises she is trying to pull is on 2 fake different bodies. Nothing legit.

Police come out for no reason. Just a waste of time. Crying wolf. Police are just doing their job.

She plays so scared she get's another restraining order. She broke them and went back with him. Another fight another 911 call.

1101 days ago


The judge needs to throw her ass in jail the next time she invites the ex over. Cause if she would stop inviting him into her home, this crap would never happen. Geez, judge, wake up and put a stop to this foolishness.

1101 days ago


...and while the police are at the Lohan house, someone else is dying in LA...oh wait, he really will kill her, so he can go visit her body in the morgue while Lindsay is on duty! She will HAVE to talk to him and he can get some photos with her to keep his 15 seconds alive! Get a job and life Lohan! There should be laws against stalking the media!

1101 days ago


This pisses me off, this bitch is the reason why abusers get away with their crimes! The bruises are NOT domestic violence, try picking up your teeth and surgery to put your body back together, by your police officer spouse! So this is a major FAIL for those of us who really have suffered abuse if they give this situation any face time at all it should be for perjury and using the court system as a weapon. They should both be ordered into 1 year of intensive domestic violence counseling, you miss a class they throw you ass in jail, go near your victim or abuser, you go to jail, if you do not complete the class you pay fines and go to jail, if kids are involved, they go to foster care... This is what happened to me when I was covered in blood from head to toe, the judge punished me for returning to my husband after the 20th time in the hospital. 20 years later, I am still trying to divorce him, I will die trying as he promised!

1101 days ago


don't believe it. seriously...she let him in twice..she obviously isn't scared of him. she could have hit her leg getting in the tub. she's an idiot and he's a fool. i hope the judge puts both of them away for both of them violating the restraining orders.

1101 days ago


MAJOR???? I get those getting out of my car---
So tired of desperate wanna be's... please give them a rest and STOP reporting on mundane, none of our business S**T. 'Nuff said

1101 days ago

Grim Reaper    

Kate and Michael should be arrested for being a Nuisance to Humanity.

1101 days ago


Those do not look like the bruises of a physical attack...that being said...she needs to buy a bottle of lotion look how scaly her skin is on her leg.

1101 days ago


wow.. well she let herself in that situation..she had a choice to stop it before it ever got that far.

1101 days ago
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