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Omar Sharif

Slaps Woman

at Qatar Film Festival [VIDEO]

10/27/2011 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood legend Omar Sharif lost his cool at a film festival in Qatar this morning ... and angrily slapped a woman right on the red carpet.

Sharif was at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival for a screening of one of his movies ... when a woman approached him on the red carpet ... and tried to take a picture with the 79-year-old actor.

Sharif -- who was nominated for an Oscar in 1962 for his role in "Lawrence of Arabia" -- lashed out in Arabic ... telling the woman to wait her turn ... and then slapping her. 

Moments later, the woman smiled and posed for a photo with Sharif like nothing ever happened.

Watching from the video, it's unclear if Sharif made contact with the woman's face -- but one reporter who was at the scene tweeted, "Omar Sharif just hit a woman. Very stupidly, in front of a camera."

Sharif has a long history of getting physical with people -- back in 2003, he attacked a cop in a Paris casino and in 2007, he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery for beating up a Beverly Hills parking attendant.

Calls to Sharif's camp have not been returned.


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BTW she's a news reporter and Alhurra channel her name is Aishia Aldorry, but he has gone so far with that.

1069 days ago


Ok so here is the translated exchange from 0:12

Someone in the crowd: "Just picture of just yourself plz"
Omar: "Ok"
Omar to another female in the crowd: "they want to take a picture of just myself and then i will take one with you."
Slapped woman to Omar: "Sorry Monsieur, can i have a pic?"
Omar: "I promise all of you will get a chance."
Slapped woman for a second time: "Sorry Monsieur, can i have a pic?"
Omar: Darling..
At this point it seems as if she grabbed his hand..
Omar is enraged and slaps her hands.. "I TOLD YOU TO WAIT. JUST WAIT ONE MINUTE.. I JUST SAID IT (him posing for pics with everyone) AND YOU WERE STANDING RIGHT HERE. GET THAT IN YOUR HEAD!"
Slapped woman: "I am sorry"
Omar after taking the solo shots: "Ok please.. please. It's just they wanted to take a picture of myself.."
woman: "i am sorry."
Omar: "Who is the guy taking the pic, darling?"
Woman: "dont even know. just asked him to take the pic"
Woman: "thank you very much"

1069 days ago


They're in Qatar - this is totally acceptable behaviour there. They treat women like ****. If she'd have hit him back or anything, she'd have been taken away and probably given 10 lashes - which is probably why she let it go -- she knows what the consequences are. Women are viewed as Less than Nothing in those Arab countries. They're not even allowed to drive - they have no rights. Women that are raped are severely punished! It's unbelievable. Google it - it's sad but fascinating.

1069 days ago


It's just an example of the patriarchical arab culture. Funny thing was that the dumb bi*ch just took it. She could have beat his old a$$ down!!!!

1069 days ago

Francisco Cesar Alvarado    

Los idolos que inventamos se quiebran,

1069 days ago


oh....jeez. some of you are such idiots. since this guy is an arab and hits a woman, we generalize that the whole middle east is like that...grow the F up. look whats happening here. idiots, im surrounded by idiots. ps. this guy is amazing and his restaurant is awesome. hes a family friend and he is the coolest mother ****** in egypt.

1069 days ago


I grew up with Egyptian parents/ grandparents who always yell at me in Arabic but I dont speak Arabic; but I'm pretty confident I can translate this lol...The photographers are saying lets take a photo of just him, trying to get their shots, and she seems to be pushing herself unaware of what the photographers had said. He says something to the effect of "Wait! Can't you see I have to take these photos!!" Obviously, stupidly, loses his cool and smacks a ho. She's like "yo, my bad, i didnt know, chill". He poses. Then he's like "Finally, see how quick that was, all you had to do was wait; NOW lets take our photo"... she's dumb though, if someone did that to me, i'd slap em back. Who stands there and STILL waits for a photo?? Why does she even still want that photo after the fact? weird.

1069 days ago


Now Mr. (?) Sharrif has nothing to lose in Hollywood, he shows (again) his true collors. Now respect for women at all. It starts in his believe that women are inferior to men...

1069 days ago


I think family, see looks like him...

1069 days ago


The lady is Ayesha Al Douri; Iraqi Journalist at "Al Hurra" TV Channel covering entertainment. She had wanted to carry an interview with him but he flicked her hair and brushed her off (like a slap) she was polite enough to not respond.

1069 days ago

jg b....d

1069 days ago


who wants to have picture anyway with that old man, who ever he is??

1069 days ago


I hate this men! Burn in hell!!

1068 days ago


Fanka smile :)

1068 days ago


jessicita (on page 15), I think it's only in Saudi Arabia that women are not allowed to drive. I lived in the UAE for years and had my own car and drove myself everywhere.

1068 days ago
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