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Lindsay Lohan

From Naked Bodies to Dead Ones

10/28/2011 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


With her Playboy shoot finished, Lindsay Lohan returned to the L.A. County Coroner's Office today to continue her community service ... once again arriving fashionably early.

Lindsay's been early for each of her three days at the corpse house ... not counting that first day, when she was so late they turned her away.


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Next stop porn movies, but 'tastefully done'.

1091 days ago

AGENT smith    

Amazing! Riveting. Spine tingling excitement!

1091 days ago


This will teach her the importance of life and how unimportant those Hollywood douche bags are and their self centered lifestyle that revolves around the party scene, drinking and being oh so Hollywood. Lindsay, clean up that blood and gut and become a better person. Then, spread some of that new found widsom to your IDIOT ABUSIVE MORONIC father and teach your mother not to be such a greedy little *****.

1091 days ago


Good for Lindsay. On another note TMZ, are you going to be reporting EVERY moves she makes?? Lindsay arriving at the morgue, Lindsay on a break in the morgue, Lindsay leaves the morgue. Its ridiculous.

1091 days ago


You know your life is really messed up when THZ is reporting on your early arrival, you know like all us normal folk do everyday!

1091 days ago


Being at the gate 20 minutes early is not "early"! 20 minutes before your shift at the gate, means that you're checked in, stuff stowed and ready to go ON TIME.

1091 days ago


"Lindsay's been early for each of her three days at the corpse house ... not counting that first day, when she was so late they turned her away."
That makes three days total, including today - 24 hours in all. That is NON-COMPLIANCE! She was ordered to do 16 hours PER WEEK before her Nov 2nd hearing. Due to her showing up late that first day, she screwed herself over.
Even if the judge lets that slide - she mised NINE PRE-SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS at the women's center - that alone should be enough to land her in the slammer.

1091 days ago


Why does she need someone to go in with her all the time. Do they stay there with her all day. isn't she a big girl and does she really need all those people with her to go and do community service?????

1091 days ago


LOL the order was given on Wednesday 19th October. The first week (7 days) doesn't start until Thursday 20th October, unless of course in your part of the world a week consists of 3 days. Don't forget the judges words PER WEEK

1091 days ago


Are we seriously supposed to give this hag a pat on the back for doing what she was supposed to be doing all along? She is THE definition of Caucasian gutter-snipe. GO AWAY BLOHAN!!!

1091 days ago


@ Alexa

A bit like yourself I would imagine.

1091 days ago


WOW ! Excellent commitment to avoiding jail.
Go Linds and Shawn
If the Judge does violate her i hope she just maxes out and put all this behind her.


1091 days ago

Red Cloud    

Skate? Light sentence? Some of you who said she would not do the minimum before 11/2 should have taken out some Big IF!! Insurance.

gone, gone, gone................

1091 days ago


She'll be in the morgue herself shortly. Nothing more than a smelly, spoiled, meth addict with no future. She has no talent anyway despite what some people say. I got better things to do than to even spend time commenting on this walking STD.

1091 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

The morgue was part of her original sentence, nevermind these 16...32...whatever the crap, she still has many, many, many more hours at the morgue....unless she does jail time.

1091 days ago
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