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Lindsay Lohan

From Naked Bodies to Dead Ones

10/28/2011 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


With her Playboy shoot finished, Lindsay Lohan returned to the L.A. County Coroner's Office today to continue her community service ... once again arriving fashionably early.

Lindsay's been early for each of her three days at the corpse house ... not counting that first day, when she was so late they turned her away.


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Blood Red Witch    

ed the lame changed his name to sexy man and lost the avitar? LMAO!

1090 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I have a friend who is a playmate, I asked her what she thought of the LL shoot. She said she thought it was funny. Who would want to see LL naked. So, seems the playmates aren't running scared from this.

I am not giving her name out here as this was a conversation between friends and not a public statement she made. She does not intend to give a public statement. So take this as you will.

1090 days ago



1090 days ago


Don't panic, Linds. Just pay what you ow use for all the Camel Lights and broken mirrors, and we can help out with your tax fraud issues. Our legal department has beeeen known to put quite the sting on those who disagree with us.

1090 days ago

clam ronson    

Linds keeps the $100.00 bills in her vault. I better find a way in there before the I.R.S. get to 'em. I want 'em both.

1090 days ago


lol yeah you are right and also the same way R.O.B.E.R.T--D.O.W.N.E.Y--J.R. was in a lot of trouble before with the law and now he is loved and also he is I.R.O.N--M.A.N in the movies, the same way my girl LINDSAY LOHAN would be one day out of trouble and also the new W.O.N.D.E.R--W.O.M.A.N in the movies too, a lot of love is coming her way indeed :-)

1090 days ago

The Truth    


Lindsay “Crack Head” Lohan 2005
“You will never see me in a nude scene. Then there’s no mystery for my private life.”

Playboy: None of the other women who appeared in Playboy none of these women did full-frontal like Lindsay “Meth Head” Lohan does. Not Drew Barrymore, Not Charlize Theron; Not even Denise Richards in 2004, , the former Bond girl’s film career never recovered.

So Lindsay “Meth Head” Lohan is the only one who is going full frontal. Yes porn is next, clearly.

Spin, Lindsay “Meth Head” Lohan is like Robert Downey Jr and other actors.

NO, NO, NO the big differences are the other actors to include Robert only had drug or alcohol issue. And of course they all have talent

Lindsay “Meth Head” Lohan IS A CONVICTED THIEF, LIAR, CLEPTOMANIC, HABITIAL OFFENDER She has been charged with many criminal charges other then drugs and alcohol and pleading down to lesser charges. And of course she has no talent except for being a criminal and giving married men herpes.

None of the other actual stars are criminals like Lindsay “Meth Head” Lohan.

Other Actors = not criminals

Lindsay “Meth Head” Lohan = criminal

The spin team keeps trying but the facts are a BI**H, LOHAN is going to jail. Like father like daughter.

The Truth Hurts


1090 days ago


also none of the actresses you mentioned that were in playboy none of them got paid $1 million dollars, only my girl lindsay did...

1090 days ago


It doesn't matter if she does jail time. Even if the judge revokes her completely and maxes out her probation. SHE STILL HAS TO COMPLETE ALL OF THE COMMUNITY SERVICE. The community service was part of her original SENTENCE. Not the probation. So...if she doesn't get it done, she would face even more time even if she goes to jail for the 1 1/2 sentence.

1090 days ago


Can someone tell me what the "face-planting" story was on x17? I saw someone post about it but now that it's gone I need dets!

1090 days ago


Nevermind. I already read that post.

Wow, I absolutely cannot wait until Weds., whatever fate brings to her--either way I'm sure the whole thing will be dramatic, and I'm desperate for some good courtroom crazy as* drama right now. Especially of the Lilo variety.

1090 days ago

Dee Davis    

Are we supposed to give her a standing ovation for doing what real people do every day- go to work. She was probably advised to show up early by the coroner and her lawyer. Real people show up to work a few minutes early every day. And please, stop with the cracks about corpses- the people that the morgue services are people's loved ones and there are people in mourning! It's disrespectful to crack jokes about "corpses"- what if one of them was a friend or family member of yours? Would you want someone laughing about Lindsay being in the same building as your deceased mother or father?

1090 days ago


Harv, stop being such a jackass, referring to "stiffs" and "corpse house' and other lame references to deceased people. Grow the f*** up!

1090 days ago

AGENT smith    

It looks like the judges deceased father was a sheriff for forty eight years and took over running the Tampa jails in 1978.

1090 days ago


Okkkkkkkkk I'll post this again since apparently someone reported me for saying it! I see nothing wrong with this statement TMZ and will post it again!

LOL @ Lindsay's week would run wednesday to wednesday! Of course her weeks wouldn't run from sunday to friday like all the rest of the people in the world! Stop making excuses for her!!!

1090 days ago
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