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Nikki Sixx

Contacts Cops

Over 'Missing' Son

10/30/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nikki Sixx
Nikki Sixx reported his son missing this week -- even though the Mötley Crüe rocker had a pretty good idea where the boy was ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Sixx informed the Malibu Sheriff's Department his youngest son had gone missing. According to our sources, Sixx had a pretty good idea where the boy had run off to -- a friend's house.

We're told deputies visited the friend's house and found the boy, who had fled following an argument with a family member. According to our sources, the deputies told the boy his family wanted him to return home ... and the kid decided to do just that.

Calls to Sixx's rep were not returned.


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another waste...

1087 days ago


Another waste of taxpayer money. The cops couldn't just tell him to go to friend's house FIRST before they wasted their time and resources? Must have been very slow-crime day.

1087 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I'm imagining a strung out Nikki Sixx trying to converse with the police. On the other hand, we're talking Hollywood cops, so they're probably pretty good at dealing with less than stellar parenting.

1087 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I'd be interested in how old the child was. There's a BIG difference between a 16-18 yo teen taking off, and why a 8-12 yo kid would seek to stay at a neighbors house.

1087 days ago

And thats the truth    

His son had a fight with another family member so maybe Nikki was not home when all of this transpired. TMZ really does not explain that. If he was home, maybe he did not want a confrontation with his son so he let the police handle it. Nikki knows his son better then we do, so who are we to judge?

1087 days ago


Maybe if Dad started looking and acting like an adult his kid would follow suit.

1087 days ago


Well is the son 7 or is he 18? I think that's an important part of the story. Although this is TMZ so we shouldn't expect much.

1087 days ago


Their ages are: Gunner Nicholas (b. 1991), Storm Brieanne (b. 1994) and Dekker Nilsson (b. 1995)Nikki also has a younger daughter Frankie

1087 days ago


So, in a nutshell - you are reporting that nothing happened.

1087 days ago

Big Mac    

Ugh, as a police officer I get SO tired of parents who don't want to do their job and call us every time their kid takes off or misses curfew. We of course have to take every missing person call seriously (celebrity or not) and it does drain resources in cases like this - he knew where his kid was?!!! For the person who stated he likely wanted to put a "scare" into his kid, it is NOT the job of Police to parent and "scare" kids into doing what they are told.

1087 days ago


It's a family matter, plain and simple and it should have been handled as such. There was no reason for the police to be involved, since he knew where his son was. Now if he refused to come home, that's a different matter. Nikki is a poor excuse for a father (there are MANY instances of this) who took the easy way out, because he lets his ego get in the way. Speaking of ego, he has a HUGE one and is known for treating people who aren't celebrities like crap. He probably thought going to get his son was beneath him, because he would have had to speak to someone who wasn't at his celebrity level. Police do NOT get involved in things like this. Like I said, if someone who wasn't a celebrity called them with the same problem, they would have been told there was nothing the police would do. Furthermore, if you genuinely care about your son and something like this happens, you go to get him, to show that you DO care about him. Only a complete ******* would send the police to scare them, as some of you suggested.

1087 days ago

Sandy Sixx    

You all bashing Nikki are idiots. I am sure Nikki is a great dad concidering he didnt have one!!! He has taken his kids on tour and spends time with them. You see one story on him and call him a bad dad. And I ran away, my parents knew where I was and the police came and got me I was at my GRANDMA'S HOUSE they did it to teach me a lesson as I am sure Nikki did to his son! WAY TO GO NIKKI, YOU COULD HAVE GONE OVER THERE AND STARTED TROUBLE BUT YOU DID THE RIGHT THING! SIXX FAN!!!

1087 days ago


I think the reason why Sixx called the cops was in case of confrontation...what if they called on him if he went there himself? He just couldn't take the risk. I think he did the right thing. If you guys were in his position you'd probably do the same. But since you're not and probably never will be, then have an open mind for once eh?

1087 days ago


I LOVE NIKKI !!!!! but he really needs to act his age and dress his age. You can be cool but look like your from 2011.. He probably had a good reason to call the cops. ever wonder who owned the house? and a cop scaring your kid is a good thing! maybe they will listen from then on.

1087 days ago


What's the point of calling cops if he knew where his son was?...An irrelevant doucebag trying to stay relevant.

1087 days ago
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