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Amanda Knox

Guilty of Being a Cat Burglar

10/31/2011 7:39 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

1031_amanda_knox_launch_INFLess than a month after being released from an Italian jail, Amanda Knox was spotted heading to a Halloween party in Seattle this weekend dressed as a cat burglar.

Freedom is a treat.


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Just in time for the Anniversary of Meredith's death, how sensitive of Ms Knox

1067 days ago


Shes a killer :( just a Joran Van der Sloot set free in the U.S.........

1067 days ago

A Mom    

What dumbass's you all are...... its an Occupy Seattle outfit, and there are how many thousands dressed in the same thing.. and your guy can't seem to figure that out...... idiots. You guilters really aren't that smart... guess thats why your still stuck on the glass on the clothes... pffftttttt as for TMZ you can be proud you lost more viewers... hope you sleep well... your trash

1067 days ago


A cat burgler? With a handle bar mustache and goatee? Really? How about a french painter? Or a beatnik. Leave the girl alone, she does not deserve any of this.

1066 days ago


The ugly comments on here show how immature readers can be. I wish the people who are writing these ugly comments could spend 4 years in that prison where amanda was at and see if they come out normal. My guess is they wouldn't.

1066 days ago


Hope you are enjoying your freedom! Have fun!

1066 days ago


She's dressed as Guy Fawkes. You know, from the movie 'V for Vendetta'? It's for the Occupy Seattle thing in honor of the Occupy London protesters. They're using makeup here because we don't have any Guy Fawkes masks like they do in London.

1066 days ago


uh, she's Guy Fawkes, duh.

1066 days ago


Wow, looks like we need a quick lesson:

History: She's dressed as Guy Fawkes (which is the basis for the mask used in V is for Vendetta, and later adopted by Anonymous, as well as the Occupy movement). Guy Fawkes was the man caught guarding the explosives to be used in the Gunpowder Plot, which was a movement by the minority Catholics to blow up Westminster Abbey, while Parliament was in session. If the Gunpowder Plot succeeded, it would have effectively destroyed the English government, including killing King James (as in "King James Bible"). The American equivalent would be like blowing up the Capitol building during special session, with the President and VP in attendance. I guess if the government doesn't work, you can always blow it up (assuming you're a total psychopath).

And Monster of Florence, while an examination of the Italian judicial system, is centered on a serial killer that stalked the Tuscan countryside for almost a decade during the 1970s and 1980s. Kind of far from this case, donchathink?

So here's the lesson boys and girls: know from whence you speak.

1066 days ago


That is not a shady neighborhood, its Seattle International Dist and back to back with the Wing Luke Museum. So she met some friends for Asian food while carrying a dessert, that's newsworthy? Leave the girl alone.

1066 days ago


Amanda Knox is dressed as Seattle Sounder Roger Levesque for Halloween NOT a cat burglar.

1066 days ago


Her costume is NOT A CAT BURGLER. It is a French artist. Get a clue, tmz. Duh.

1066 days ago


Amanda Knox is clearly innocent. Judge Hellmann gave her the strongest form of exoneration possible under Italian law. He ruled that Knox had clearly established her innocence and did not commit the crime. Given that the case collapsed entirely, this is the only ruling possible.

As for the costume, it is being convincingly reported in Seattle that she is actually dressed as Roger Levesque a forward on the Seattle Sounders soccer team. Her costume resembles in detail a recent picture of Levesque.

Leave the poor girl alone. She has suffered horribly at the hands of utterly corrupt Italian officials.

1066 days ago


Looks more like a homeless person than a burglar if you have a closer look. Nonetheless she is free and that is right. all people accusing her irrationaly here, are the real suspects in this case.

1066 days ago


Mmm, how classy to dress up in public on the anniversary of her dear friend's death. Meredith's English friends are not celebrating as they gave a damn about her life. Yet Amanda stood up and bleated about how much she cared for Kercher in court and how this was the reason she was innocent. Yeah, Maders, it shows. Guilty or innocent, she is literally the most stupid naive insensitive person on the face of planet Earth. If stupidity was a crime, Knox would already be serving a life sentence with no parole. RIP Meredith Kercher and love to her poor family.

1066 days ago
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