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Kim Kardashian

The Post-Divorce Rub Down

10/31/2011 3:10 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

1031_kimk_massage_INFJust hours after blindsiding Kris Humphries by filing for divorce, Kim Kardashian had one of her minions bring a massage table to her home on Monday.

We're told the newly single 31-year-old is getting an in-house full body rub down today.

Being married for 72 days can be very stressful.


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Kim KockROACH is the biggest POS to walk the face of this earth. Her Mother is second.

1085 days ago


That must take alot of oil

1085 days ago

Ozzie X    

Smack it, flip it, rub it down. Just like J-Lo a talentless person making a career out of a big ass.

1085 days ago


This stunt is going to blow up in your face. Hope you and your money grubbing family crash and burn.

1085 days ago


what a dirty hoe!

1085 days ago


Next news worthy story please! What Kim and her booty does is not interesting any more!!

1085 days ago


Told ya! His schlong wasn't black enough :)

1085 days ago


i hope this is the beginning of the end of these media w#$%&*!!! they are disgusting and her father is spinning in his grave!!!

1085 days ago


Memo to the Kardashain family: It's quite obvious that you have now become a "brand" and it appears to the masses that you are more concerned about the "brand" than true traditional family values!

How can you fault the masses for their comments concerning Kim's divorce when so much has been leaked about the inner workings of making the Kardashian brand bigger and better?

First there was the audio leak of the head producer at Kim's wedding telling another producer what to have Scott and Kourtney say to each other concerning them getting married! Then there was the leak just last week that E! executives were shopping Kim to New York Knick players on dating Kim and how appearing on your reality shows would be good for their career! They pitched this idea to Danilo Gallinari only to be turned down!

If you want to be taken seriously then I suggest that you stop taking your fan base for fools!

1085 days ago

Rockstar Alumni    

Who breaks up over a difference in opinion on where to live? Did Kris H. really think he was going to take Kim away from LA? Everyone and their grandma knows Kim would never move to Minnesota. That's why I believe this whole wedding thing was just a plot for a quick payday for Kim. How much did she get from all that wedding hoopla? Then Kris H. signed a pre-nup so bottom line, it was a win win situation for Kim. She gets to keep her name, her money AND gets more money from the wedding event. I feel bad for Kris H. I don't think he had a clue...and I'm glad he didn't decide to just drink the Kardashian coolaid. He should of known what was up when she didn't take his last name.

1085 days ago


PLEASE! kk was and still is a joke! how many victims is she allowed to have? her family has been living off her fathers fame for years! they are rich spoiled brats who get away with murder! she knew this was a temp job when she took it, she should have to return everything from gifts, money , jewelry and the pay check she got from E!

1085 days ago


In my 34 years, I have never seen a family so money hungry, obsessed with money, money is their god, such as this clan. I was fortunate enough to grow up in affluence and have seen my share of wealthy people, but this clan takes the cake. They are fake and souless and will do anything for the Benjamins and that makes them the pus that feeds the algae that feeds the pond s***.
They truly are the lowest of the low. Jenner seems normal, but now even the 16 year old has a show in the works.
Definition of sick = kardashian clan ( the females, every single one of them ) May you live happily ever after with your money.

1085 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

this is why i just love hollywood. never a dull moment!!! yay! kim k is getting divorced!!! i am sooooo excited!!

1085 days ago


Oh my gosh,
What about all the wedding
What about the engagement ring?
How embarrassing!

1085 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

these woman are all just whores (prostitutes) anyways. i mean look at how they dress, their hair and their make up! prostitute much?? i like my women to look as grey and ugly as a dog's anus. then i am happy.

1085 days ago
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