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Kim Kardashian Divorce

It's All Minnesota's Fault

10/31/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian moving to Minnesota could have been the funniest thing on TV -- it's also one of the reasons she and Kris Humphries are dunzo! Maybe something they should have discussed BEFORE the wedding?

Plus, Lindsay Lohan puts in OT at the morgue … but we'll tell you why that won't be enough to keep her butt out of jail.


(0:20) Yep ... Charles is "Black Bieber" for Halloween .
(3:30) Harvey's amazing costume -- the biggest radish yet.
(6:00) We broke the story -- Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are getting a divorce ... and we know more about it than anyone else.
(7:30) Harvey calls the reason for the divorce the "stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life."
(13:30) This is how you get in a TMZ promo .
(21:03) Is there a man in that tree?
(28:01) Lindsay will wave the white flag in court on Wednesday -- and the big question isn't IF she's going to get jail time ... it's how much.
(39:01) Dax Holt -- as Carrot Top -- is about to do a live shot.
(40:02) Michael Lohan in court -- pathetically entertaining.
(43:04) Everyone on the planet is crazy ... so says Harvey.
(45:50) Mel Gibson -- back at the scene of the crime.
(49:10) The latest on Conrad Murray ... is abandoned.


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1090 days ago


Bet they didn't count on the backlash

1090 days ago


She is a media whore. Plain and simple. He deserves better.

1090 days ago


Of course it was a sham for the Kardashians. Everything they do is so fakey. We were all bored with their constant self promotion, TV series, etc. so they found some sucker for Kim to pick a husband. LOL, like Kris said to her, she had this wedding planned her whole life and all she needed was for the sucker groom to put in it. LOL and its TRUE.

They made so much money off that wedding, prior, during and after, and unfortunately not a penny goes to our homeless, sick, elderly, in our country.
NOw its being used to promote the little Jenner/Kardashian girls running around 3/4s nude all the time. I thought Bruce at some point would grab his balls and stand up to this dang Kardashian MOM(she doesnt even want the Jenner name for godsake, and he is far more famous then Robert Kardashian was, and lets remember, Robert was her EX husband for years before he died, so why does she have all this love she still professes for him to her daughters? Something very sick there) But seriously BRUCE please stick up and save your last two girls. Get them in college and educated besides sitting in a chair having people wait on you hand and foot, dang Bruce.

Ok, yes, it was all a stupid Ruse, they fought before, during and after the wedding. It almost appeared Kris could not even look at KIM he felt she was so "trashy" from having been with so many men. Well she is.......Hopefully Ryan hasnt made any money off them and he stops productions cause I think we are all tired of them.

1090 days ago


Of course Harvey, will say he knew it all along, it's a Holloween trick. Back to Lohan.

1090 days ago


Never marry a guy with the same name as your Mom!

1090 days ago


I guess penis power didn't play enough of a role in that short marriage.

1090 days ago


Yes, it was part of the show. He is a sucker for going along with it. And he will not make any money, but Kim will. That family should be barred from TV.

1090 days ago


Omg I'm so shocked that Kim K would whore out a fake marriage for money and attention.........NOT. This Armenian attention whore doesn't deserve a bit of sympathy.

1090 days ago

TMZ Is Destined To Be The Next News of The World    

Even if this whole thing from wedding to divorce was a rouse, I still think it's disgusting. It just shows the entire Kardashian klan respects nothing and that at the end of the day Kim's slore title is rightly deserved.

1090 days ago


It depends on whos' prespective. Kim K for her it was a sham marriage. For Kris i believe it was legit. The Kardashians after all they do come from middle eastern decent and all they think about is money and how to get more. Thats all the Kardashian Klan kares about after all.
Best wishes for Kris and for the Kardashians may they rot in hell were they belong.

1090 days ago


TMZ, too many scripts on your front page, it is taking forever to load these days.

1090 days ago


So 72 days, does that mean the wedding gifts get returned? (lol)

1090 days ago


HARVEY - I HAVE been waiting ALL year to see what
you would be for Halloween - you let me down!! I thought
for sure you would be Nancy Grace!

1090 days ago


I said the whole kardashian wedding was all a sham when the ring was revealed to be on loan. Everyone who believed it is a sucker.

1090 days ago
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